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Full text of "Telephone Directory, Menomonie, Wisconsin, July 1946"

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We Install 




For Free Estimates Call 39 

Bureau of Home Improvement 

633 Broadway Mehomonie, Wis. 


July, 1946 

See Page 1 for Service Calls 





/ Use Our Service 

Telephone 74 300 Crescent St. 



Frequently Called Places: Rates are quot- 
ed below for different classes of service to a 
number of out-of-town points. 

Rates to other points not listed below 
may be obtained on request by calling "Long 

Initial Period: The rates quoted below are 
for initial periods of three (3) minutes, ex- 
cept those preceded by an asterisk (*) which 
are for initial periods of five (5) minutes. 
The rate per minute for overtime will be pro- 
portionate to the rate of the initial period. 

Call "Long Distance" If Additional Information Is Desired 


Station to 


4:30 AH 

6:00 PH 

6:00 PM 

4:30 AM 


Person to 



4:30 AH 


6:00 PM 

6:00 PM 

4:30 AH 




Baldwin — 


Bloo mer. 



Chicago, III 

Chippewa Falls 





Eau Claire ' 

Eau Galle ,— 

Elk Mound ...... 



Fall Creek.- 

Glenwood City— 



Hudson — . 


La Crosse 

$ .35 

$ .35 

$ .50 









































































$ .50 




Station to 

Person to 



4:30 AM 


6:00 PM 

6:00 PM 

4:30 AM 
and , 



4:30 AM 


6:00 PM 

4:30 AM 


Los Angeles, Calif.. 




Minneapolis, Minn 


New Richmond 

New York, N. Y.... 


Prairie Farm 

Rice Lake 


River Falls , 

Rock Falls 

St. Louis, Mo 

St. Paul, Minn 

Sand Creek 

Spring Valley 


Stillwater, Minn..... 


Wausau ... 



Rates Shown Above Do Not Include Federal Tax 


. .85 

. .60 

. .95 

. .40 







































Collect Calls: For collect Station-to-Station 
calls, the regular Station-to-Station rate applies 
with these- exceptions: If the day Station-to- 
Station rate is 20 cents, the collect Station-to- 

Station rate of 25 cents applies; if the day 
Station-to-Station rate is less than 20 cents, the 
Person-to-Person rate applies. 


Menomonie Telephone Directory 

=July, 1946^ 

For the telephone number or address of the nearest Federal Bureau of 
Investigation Office call "Operator" 



For subscribers not listed in this directory Operator 

To place Out-of-Town calls Long Distance 

If calls are not completed satisfactorily or for assistance in 

calling Chief Operator 

To report telephone out of order Chief Operator 

For business transactions — Applications for service, moving 

telephones, bills, directory listings, etc Business Office 

If your requirements are not fully met by calling above Manager 

M. A. MATTISON, Manager 

6181^ 3rd Street 

JBusiness Telephone 490 
[Residence Telephone 4 

Eau Claire, Wisconsin 

F. L. SMILEY. District Manager 

C. T. HOWELL, District Traffic Manager 

E. K. CHENEY, District Plant Manager 


F. M. STEPHENS, President 

722 N. Broadway, Milwaukee 2, Wis. 

FRANCIS J. HART, General Attorney 

F. E. CHANDLER, Vice-President & General Manager G. B. ROGERS. General Commercial Manager 

JOHN O'DAY, Vice-President 

W. W. HILLER, Secretary & Treasurer 

E. A. FRITZ, Comptroller 

M. P. NAAB. General Plant Manager 

F. A. KINDT. General Traffic Manager 

G. F. CROWELL, Chief Engineer 



Accessslon No: 

. La«aoo. u,<v.^i6ib 

How To Make Out-Of-Town Calls 

Out-of-Town calls can be completed al- 
most as quickly as local calls, providing 
you give the telephone number when call- 

Keeping a record of Out-of-Town num- 

bers frequently called will save time am 
future calls. If you wish to have the tele- 
phone numbers of a list of out-of-town 
subscribers, our Business OfSee wiH be 
glad to furnish them. 


Statioii'to-Statioii Calls Person-to-Person Calls 

When you want us to do nothing more 
than to connect you with an individual line 
or party line telephone or private switch- 
board, call "Long Distance" and tell the 
operator the city, state and the telephone 
number. If you don't know the number, 
give the operator the name and address as 
for example: "St. Louis, Missouri, ANY- 
ONE at Read's Department Store, 2100 
Broad Street." Give your number when 
the operator requests it 

The charge for a Station-to-Station call 
begins when the called telephone or private 

switchboard answers. 

Station-to-Station service should be used 
,^hen you are willing to talk to ANY- 
ONE answering the called telephone or 
when you are sure the person with whom 
/ou wish to talk will be there. 

See the next column if you want to call 
either a particular person or a particular 
telephone or department readied through 
a private switchboard. 

When you want to be connected witii 
some particular person or with a particular 
telephone or department reached through 
a private switchboard, call "Long Dis- 
tance." Tell the operator the city, state, 
and person or department wanted, and also 
the telephone number and extension num- 
ber if you know them. Give your number 
when the operator requests it. 

The charge for a Person-to-Person call 
begins when you reach the person, exten- 
sion, or department you want. 

Appointment and Messenger calls take 
Person-to-Person rates plus the cost of any 
messenger service performed. Messenger 
charges incurred are to be paid whether 
or not conversation is held. 

Day, Night and Sunday Rates 

DAY RATES apply to Station-to-Sta- 
tion and Person-to-Person calls between 
4:30 A.M. and 6:00 PM. on all days ex- 
cept Sunday. 

duced rates apply between 6:00 P.M. and 
4:30 A.M. daily and all day Sunday if the 
initial period rate exceeds 35 cents for a 
Station-to-Station call or SO cents for a 
Person-to-Person calL 

The time of day, at the originating point, when conversation starts, determinet 
whether DAY or NIGHT AND SUNDAY rates apply. 


Collect Calls and Report Charges 

A COLLECT CALL is a Station-to- 
Station or Person-to-Person call, for which 
you wish to have the subscriber at ftie dis- 
tant point pay the charges. The regular 
Day, Night and Sunday rates for Person- 
to-Person and Station-to-Station calls ap- 
ply except that: 

On collect Station-to-Station calls 
where the initial period rate is less 
tfian twenty cents the regular Person- 
to-Person rate applies, 


Where the initial period rate is twenty 
cents the collect rate is twenty-five 
cents for an initial period of five 

A request to make a call collect should 
be given to the operator when the call is 
placed, so that she can endeavor to obtain 
acceptance of the charges before the con- 
nection is established. 

If the called party refuses to accept the 
charge, a report charge will be made unless 
the call is completed as a paid message. 

A REPORT CHARGE is made on 
Person-to-Person calls if within one hour 
the operator secures a connection to the 
called telephone but is unable to complete 
tk^ call because the particular person 
desired is not in ; will not talk ; or if the 
calling party is absent or refuses to talk 
when the called party is reached; or if the 
called party is unknown at the called 

No report charge is made if the call is 
finally completed to the called party or a 
substitute at the called telephone. 

Report charges are not applicable to 
Station-to-Station calls, except on intra- 
state collect calls where the charges are not 
accepted at the called station and the call- 
ing party is unwilling to pay the charges 
for completing the call. 

In any case where a report charg^e 
applies, the minimum charge is ten cents. 

Report charges do not apply on calls to 
or from points in other states. 

Requests for Rates and Charges 

On request, the operator will quote the 
rate to any out-of-town point. If you wish 
to be told the charges on a particular call, 

make the request when yon place the call 
or when you accept a "collect" call. The op- 
erator will call you back and quote charges. 

International and Ship Telephone Service 

Telephone service is available from 
3rour telephone to certain foreign countries, 
subject to such limitations with respect to 
completion as may be enforced from time 
to time by the government of such country 
or by the United States Government. 

Tde^one service is also offered to a 

great many ships on inland waterways, and 
to many ships in coastal waters and at sea, 
when they are within reach. 

Rates and further informaticm con- 
cerning International and Ship-to-Shore 
telephone service may be secured or calls 
may be placed by calling "Long Distance". 


The Use of the Company's Lines is 
limited to communications between parties 
both of whom are present at the telephone, 
and employees of the Company are pro- 
hibited from accepting written or verbal 
messages for transmission or delivery. 

Local Messages originating at public 
telephones where it is necessary to deposit 
a nickel for each completed connection are 
subject to a charge of 5 cents for each 
period of five minutes. 

Customers on Party Lines are limited 
to five minutes' use of the line at one time. 

Telephone Service Calls. On page 1 
of this directory is a list of what to call 
to obtain the telephone numbers of sub- 
scribers not listed in this directory, to re- 
port service irregularities and to report 
telephones out of order. 

Applications for New Service, Changes 
in Location and Discontinuance of Serv- 
ice. When new service is desired, or when 
subscribers wish telephone equipment re- 
arranged, moved from one address to an- 
other, or telephone service disconnected, 
either temporarily or permanentiy, reason- 
able advance notice to our Business Office 
will assist in having the necessary work 
completed by the date desired. 

Service Charges are due and payable at 
the Company's office within the discount 
period shown on each bill. Accounts un- 
paid after the expiration of the discount 
period are overdue and service is subject 
to suspension. 

Schedules of Rates Effective at each 
exchange are on file at the Manager's of- 
fice and can be examined by applying there. 

This Telephone Directory is, and re- 
mains, the property of the Wisconsin Tele- 
phone Company and must be surrendered 
upon request. No binder, holder or aux- 
iliary cover, unless furnished by the Com- 
pany, shall be used in connection with this 

Every Effort is Made to Prevent Direc- 
tory Errors. No liability for damages or 
otherwise, arising from errors or omis- 
sions in the making up or printing of its 
directories, shall attach to the Company 
except in the case of charge listings in 
connection with which its liability shall be 
limited to a refund at the monthly rate for 
the time an error or omission continues 
after reasonable notice in writing to the 
Company. Your assistance is requested in 
helping us locate errors so that they may 
be corrected. Please check your listing and 
let us know if it is not correct. 

Telephone Directories of the Principal 
Cities throughout the Country may be 

obtained by any of our subscribers desir- 
ing them, on payment of the charges made 
by the issuing company. Prices and other 
information may be secured by calling the 
Manager's Office. 

The Fire Department and the Police 
Department are always available by tele- 
phone. Tell your story briefly, calmly and 
distinctly, giving your street address, and 
answer promptly any questions asked by 
the Department called. 

Patrons Are Cautioned against the 
possible entry into their premises of 
Fraudulent Persons posing as Repairmen, 
Inspectors or Collectors. Employees of the 
Company, duly authorized to install, re- 
pair and remove telephones, or collect for 
service, are provided with credentials. 
Please guard yourself against any mis- 
representation by asking to see these cre- 

Use of Foreign Equipment. The Com- 
pany is responsible for satisfactory tele- 
phone service. It cannot permit the use of 
any equipment or other apparatus in con- 
nection with that furnished by it. Sub- 
scribers are cautioned not to purchase or 
use any equipment not furnished by this 
Company. _ ^ 


Bulova — Hamilton and Elgin Watches 

- Anshus Bros. - 

610 Broadway TeL 200 


Aamodt Carl G Eesidence 1009 9th 826- J 

Adams Henry Residence 1415 9th 295-R 

Ader Francis Residence 2220 9th 620-R 

Ader Jerome Residence 1115 14th av 295-W 

Agerlie Carl Residence 514 10th 367-W 

Agerlie Ole B Farm R 6 9646-R-2 

Agriculture U S Dept of Soil Conservation 

District 511 Broadway 835 

Alcatraz Nite Club R 5 9617-R-4 

Algiers Charles A Farm R 6 9646-R-l 

AUbaugh Leonard Farm R 6 9669- J-2 

Allen Neal H Residence Stout Road .966 

Allen Ralph O Chiropractor 710 5th'. 48 

Alseth Arthur Tavern 315 Main 460 

Alseth Arthur Residence 3151/2 Main 949 

Alseth V Residence 714 3rd 513-J 

Alwin M Esther Residence 1303 Main 205-W 

Ames Sadie J Residence 1521 W 2nd 417-M 

Amick Clyde Farm R 1 '. 425-J-4 

Anchor Cafe 620 Broadway 66-J 

Anderholm A F Residence 13201/^ Broadway .72-J 

Andersen Helmer Residence 1120 2nd 764-J 

Anderson Al C Residence 702 12th 300 

Anderson Alfred Farm R 6 9637- J-3 

Anderson Arthur Residence 1102 2nd 696-W 

Anderson Mrs Duane L Residence 1121 Main. . .516-W 
Anderson Mrs Elsie Residence 1118 Broadway. .113-W 

Anderson Floyd Dry Cleaning 713 3rd 597 

Anderson Floyd E Residence 1221 5th av 324-W 

Anderson K E Residence 403 Wilson av 321 

Anderson Marvin L Residence 1221 Broadway. . .96-W 

Anderson Mrs G Residence 403 Wilson av 321 

Anderson Olaf Residence 1421 8th 882-W 

Anderson Pearl N Residence R 6 691-R 


423-12th Ave. W. TELEPHONE 170 




Artistic Hair Styling - Expert Permanent Waving - Hair Tinting 
Equipment All New and Most Modern 

212 MAIN ST. TEL. 652 



Anderson Russell Eesidence E 2 , 9649- J-3 

Anderson Swant Residence E 5 159-J 

Andreassen P A Eesidence 1121 7th 531-J 

Andreassen S K Veterinarian 423 12th av W 170 

Andreassen S K Farm E 5 978-R-l 

Ankerson G Eesidence 222% Crescent 512-J 

Anshus Bros Jewelers 610 Broadway 200 

Anshus Mrs Christine Eesidence 320 Eailroad av.686-W 

Anshus Melvin J Eesidence 815 12th 162-W 

Anshus Nels S Eesidence 803 Stout 465 

Apel Harold Residence 1121 9th 299 

Arcade Beauty Salon 212 Main 652 

Archer Mrs John Eesidence 1302 8th 133-J 

Armory 909 Broadway 875 

Arneson Herman Eesidence 816 5th Apt 6 975-W 

Arnie's Taxi Service 709 Broadway . 534 

Arntson Andrew Eesidence 714 3rd 389-J 

Arntson George Eesidence E 2 484-M 

Ashleson Alfred Eesidence 2216 9th 620-W 

Atlasta Farm E 6 9649-J-2 

Aumueller Joe Eesidence R 5 420- J-3 

Aune Peder Farm El 9636-J-2 

Averill Apartments 4th 429-W 

Averill Eleanor Eesidence 3231/2 Park 31-J 

Ayers E V Eesidence 1007 2nd 730-J 


Badger State Yard 717 Main 149 

Bagan Thos Farm El 9629-R-3 

Bahnsen Dana C Residence 121 12th av W 657-R 

Bailey Mrs Geo Residence 113 11th av W 637-J 

Bailey Insurance Agency 715 5th 382-W 

Bailey Mack Eesidence E 6 9665- J-2 

Bailey Paul E Eesidence 382-R 

Bake Shoppe The 228 Main 500 

Baker Edwin Sr Farm E 2 9608-J-l 

Baker William R Eesidence 303 Park 263 

Bakke Amund Eesidence El 9636- J-1 

Bakke G H Eesidence 1102 11th 608-W 

Bakken E Farm E 6 9649-R-l 

Bakken S A Store 710 6th 862 

Baland Ivan B Residence E 6 790-R 




228 Main St. 

Phone 500 





The Bank of Friendly Service 
Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Member Federal Reserve System 

630 BROADWAY TeSephone 109 


Ballentine Will G Residence 509-12tli av W 617 

Bandelow Leland Residence 302 Railroad 631-W 

Bank of Menomonie 630 Broadway 109 

Bardin Henry L Residence 1003 6th 820 

Bark Axel A Residence 309 12th 658-J 

Barnes Mrs Esther Residence R 3 478-'W 

Barnhart H L Farm R 2 9672-J-l 

Batchelder Henry Residence 1320 3rd W. 802-J 

Bates Hattle E liesidence 1006 3rd 560-J 

Bates Henry Residence 1003 9th 220- J 

Bauer Alfred Residence 505 Wilson av 754-W 

Bauer Oil Co 

stop at Harry and Floyd's 
Gasoline & Fuel Oil — Greases — Batteries — Tires & Tubes 

300 Crescent 74 

Baumbach Mrs H A Residence 1102 8th 683 

Baxter Mrs Augusta Residence 705 Wilson av. . .242-R 

Bayer T L Residence Riverview 724-W 

Beber M E Residence 114 Railroad av 686-M 

Becker A E Residence 1015 10th 95-J 

Becker H W Residence 221 W 2nd 604-W 

Becker Minnie Residence 411 Wilson av 806-J 

Becker Mrs Peter Residence R 5 829- J 

Beggerow H F Residence 335 Knapp 631- J 

Beguhn Fred F Residence Stout Road 16-11 

Beguhn Herbert W Jr Residence 1117 15th av. .778-W 

Beg-uhn Mrs Kate Residence 1302 Main 163-R 

Beguhn Lyle Farm R 1 Elk Mound 9674- J-1 

Beguhn Paul Farm R 4 Elk Mound. 9663- J-2 

Beguhn Raymond Farm R 2 424- J-2 

Beguhn R M Grocery 914 6th av 20 

Beguhn Tire Shop 1720 Stout Road. 16-W 

Behling Doris Residence 209 16th av W 417-R 

Behling Edw Farm R 5 420-J-l 

Behling John Farm El 420-R-l 

Behling Oscar Residence 1208 Broadway 264-J 

Behrents G H Residence 1003 8th 283-R 

Behrents Norman Farm R 6 9669- J-1 

Beilfus Service Station 815 6th av 440 

Belair George Residence 712-13th 267-J 

Belisle F J Residence 1120 Wilson av 288-W 

Bendix Chas L Residence 115 2nd W 688- J 

Benrud Mrs Marie Residence 226 Knapp 841 -J 

Ben's Corner Market 1124 Broadway 196 

Benson Marvin Residence 2400 Broadway 883-M 

Benzel Otto Residence 1608 8th 745 

Benzel Wm Residence 631 Stout 369-J 

Berg Arthur M Residence 914 4th av 26 

Berg C E Residence 711 3rd 694 



John M. Sand, Sec'y- & Mgr. 


V^717 Main St. Phone 149 



Berg Chevrolet Co Inc 716 5th 230 

Berg R H Residence 1521 Wilson av 163-M 

Berger Burnetta L Residence 1420 8th 778-J 

Berger Clarence L Residence 1120 10th 888-W 

Bergstrom Mrs Ethel Residence 11021/2 8th 922- J 

Bernd W G Residence 1319 Main 330-J 

Berndt C P Residence 500 13th 180-W 

Berndt William Residence 1021 11th 378-W 

Bertelson Andrew Farm R 5 9618-J-4 

Bettin Mrs Herbert H Residence 11021/2 8th 922-W 

Bill & Dorane's Tavern 1918 5th 362 

Bilse Harold Residence 102 W 4th 589-W 

Bird Dean L Farm R 1 9637-J-4 

Birkholz Herbert R Farm R 2 9652-R-3 

Bjornson Chris Residence 1010 6th av 367-R 

Blair Susan Residence 202 W 12th av. 724-J 

Blake Edwin Farm R 6 9643-R-l 

Blake George F Residence 2208 3rd 60-W 

Blake Gust Residence 720 Douglas 59- J 

Blake Gustave Farm R 6 9650-R-l 

Blake Mrs Julius Residence 424 Railroad 648-W 

Blakeley Don Farm R 2 9652-R-2 

Blank Mrs Alice B Farm R 8 Colfax 9647- J-4 

Blank Robert Residence R 3 Colfax 9647-J-2 

Blasko Andrew E Residence 115 W 4th 796-W 

Bliss H C Residence 1909 Broadway 402-W 

Block H P Residence 408 13th av B 544-M 

Blume S J Residence North Shore Drive 122-M 

Bobs Food Market 405 Tainter 226-W 

Bock Frank F Residence R 6 9628-R-l 

Boeing D P Residence 208 Wilson av 422-J 

Boerner Hugo Farm R 5 9615-R-3 

Boerner Milton Residence 1814 Broadway 768-M 

Boetcher Otto Residence 1222 14th av 209-W 

Boetcher William F Residence R 6 388-J 

BoUe Fuel Co West Side 641 

BoUe Geo E Residence 1515 10th 669 

Bolle Thomas Residence R 4 891-R-l 

Bongey R H Residence n20-6th 343-W 

Bolzt John F Residence 821 Main 880 

Bolzt Plumbing Service 821 Main 880 

Boothby Jonathan Residence 121 12th 376 







Elmer Gormanson and Son 

631 Broadway, Tel. 464 





— POOL — 
624 Broadway Tel. 783-V J 

Boothby Print Shop 102 W Main 19- J 

Borgstadt E W Residence 214 13th 836-W 

Boston Drug Co 226 Main 18 

Bourasau Lewis Eesidenee 915 Main 670-W 

Bowman Clyde A Residence 603 12th av W 419 

Boylan J H Residence 601 12th av W 602 

Bozart Rev Frank Residence 1721 10th 912-J 

Brace Dr Southwell Dentist 5161/2 Main 38-W 

Brace Dr Southwell Residence 2106 Stout Road. .38-R. 

Bracht Leo J Residence 114 13th 272-R 

Brack Anna Residence 422 9th a v 394-W 

Brack E J Residence R 1 797-R 

Bradford Wm Harold Residence 131 Wilson ... 841 -M 

Bradley Mrs Clark Residence 312 12th 355-W 

Bradseth Mary Residence 503y2 13th 556-W 

Braford Ben Residence 600 13th 158-W 

Braker Bida L Residence 320 Wilson av 261-W 

Braker Jesse Residence 339 Park 889-J 

Brandtner Claude Residence 13041/2 6th Apt 1. . .749-R 

Brandvold M Residence 819 4th 307-W 

Braun Mrs Joseph G Residence 1312 Main 558-W 

Brecklin Edward Residence R 1 Knapp Wis. .9633-R-4 

Bredlow L E Residence 333 12th 128-J 

Brehm Philip Residence R 4 611-W 

Breit W E Residence R 6 9631-R-3 

Breitzman B C Residence 503 11th.' 943-J 

Breitzman Ed Residence 1416 9th 327-W 

Breitzman Frank F Residence 1121-6th av 695-W 

Breitzman Gertrude Residence I2O21/2 9th 593-J 

Breitzman Jack Residence R 2 9662-J-l 

Breitzman Reinhart Residence 1203 13th av 564-W 

Brekke Olga Residence 902 3rd 219- J 

Brekke Oscar Residence 401 Tainter 501-R 

Brengman W H Residence 532 Douglas 369-W 

Brensdal A J Residence 1810 6th 119 

Bressler E J Residence 914 10th 572-J 

Brassier Elmer E Residence 920 11th 728-W 

Brevad Hjalmer S 1003 2nd 159-R 

Brewer Fred F Residence 406 Wilson av 85-W 

Bridgeman Michael Resideoce 1107 7th 316-J 

Brightsman Wm Farm R 6 9624-J-2 

Brimer Albion W Residence 603 Tainter 718-W 

Brimer Robert Residence 515 Tainter 182- J 

Britten Mrs Ida Farm R 3 9679-R-4 

Broadway Alleys 631 Broadway 464 

Broadway Billiards 624 Broadway 783-W 

Broadway Food Market 541 Broadway 64- J 

Brooks Edward H Residence 6161/^ Broadway. .963-W 

Browe Wm Residence R 2 387- J 

Brown A Webb Residence Elmwood Addition . . . 721- J 

10 BRO— GHi 


Local Contract Hauling Piano and Furniture Moving a Specialty 

Free Estimate — 25 Years Experience 




214-2nd Ave. W, 

Edward Haase, Prop. 

Telephone 73 


Brown Albert G Residence 1715 6th 755-M 

Brown Arthur G Residence 527 12th av W 480 

Brown Dean T Residence S-13 Stout Court 881 -W 

Brown Edw H Farm R 2 986-J-l 

Brown Kenneth Residence 1002 14th av 867-R 

Brown Louis Residence 1302 2nd 229-J 

Brown Mrs Matilda Residence 1803 11th 207-W 

Brown L Grocery 1220 6th 630 

Brown Robert Residence 1903 3rd 207- J 

Brown & Tetzloff Beer Distrs 814 14th av 137-W 

Brune E W Residence 319 Broadway 796- J 

Brunn Harlan Farm R 4 890-J-4 

Brunn Herman W Residence R 6 388-W 

Brunn Martin Residence 1408 2nd 229-W 

Brunn Transfer 214 2nd av W 73 

Brunn Wm Residence 1516 Main 818-J 

Brusen A L Residence 422 2nd W. 752- J 

Bryan D N Residence R 1 896-W 

Bryant Dr A E Veterinarian Office 603 2nd 138-W 

Bryant A E Residence 12th av W 138-R 

Bryant Dr G E Office 143 Main 276 

If No Answer Call Phys Service Bureau 468 

Bryant Dr G E Residence Wilson Court 210 

Buchanan Louise Residence 814 4th 684-J 

Buckley Dr C H Ofc 224 Main 83-W 

Buckley Dr H Residence 1925 Broadway 83-R 

Buckley Dr C H Cottage R 6 9647-J-3 

Buckley Harold W Farm R 1 9639-J-2 

Buckley Herbert Farm R 6 9650-R-2 

Buckley Leonard Residence R 6 9650- J-3 

Budd Daniel E Residence 112 9th av 405-W 

Budd's Tin Shop 721 4th 847 

Bundy T Residence R 1 67- J 

Bundy E E Lawyer 200 Main 61 

Bundy R E Residence 1111 Main 225 

Bundy R E Farm R 2 9606-R-3 

Bundy W H Office 710 5th 11 

Bundy W H Residence 600 11th 595-J 

Buran Rev John M Residence 819 5th 709 

Bureau of Home Improvement 633 Broadway 39 

Burger Arnold W Residence 1315 11th 878-J 

Burkhardt Louis Farm R 5 420-J-2 

^ - BUDD'S TIN SHOP ^ ^ 


TEL. 847 







Burns Joe Eesidence 1016 14th av 867-M 

Burns Rudie N Residence 232 Tainter 988- J 

Burtness Clifford L Residence 13041/2 6th 295-M 

Burwitz H Residence 908 10th 572-W 

Buss Ed Farm R 1 425-R-4 

Buss H P Residence R 5 828-J 

Buss John Farm R 6 9628-J-3 

Buss Otto Residence R 5 493-R 

Buss Ronald Residence 314 Douglas 988-M 

Butler Mrs P E Residence 3291/2 Park 682 


Calhoun Robert Residence 902 11th 390-W 

Camerer Paul Farm Oalilawn 139-W 

Camp Harold Residence Shorewood Drive 426- J 

Campbell's Daylite Grocery 1101 7th 118 

Canfield H E Residence 1310 Main 386 

Cantrell A R Sales Barn 17th 98 

Cantrell Arthur R Residence 519 W 12th av .741 

Carlsen Darvey E Residence 316 12th av E 331-W 

Carlson Adolph Residence 527 Pine 525-M 

Carlson Clarence Farm R 1 9630-R-l 

Carrington Mrs Laura M Residence 1109-4th 339-W 

Carswell Allan Residence 517 Birch 767-W 

Carswell Tom Residence 8I41/2 3rd Apt 4 .839- J 

Carter Mrs Ben Residence 806 Main 377-J 

Carter Ice & Puel Co ~ 


108 6th av 34 

Carter John Residence 111 12th 517 

Carter John Lbr Co 108 6th av 34 

Casino Bar 613 Broadway 872 

Casper Louis Farm R 1 9629-J-l 

Casper Martin Farm R 1 9630-R-2 

Casper Wm Residence R 1 Knapp 9632-R-4 

Catura Howard Residence 323 2nd av W 549- J 

Cemetery-Evergreen 980 

Central Hotel 600 Broadway 459 

Chaffee Mrs Helene Residence 6I6I/2 Broadway . 920-W 

Charm Beauty Shop 544 Broadway 50 

Chase D C Residence 1210 10th av .506-J 

Chatt Ermajean Residence 1803 3rd 391-W 

Cherrier Laurence Residence 1808 8th 582-W 

Chicago Milwaukee St Paul & Pacific Railroad 

Depot W Side. 112 

Chicago St Paul Minneapolis & Railway Co 

Passenger Depot 130 

Passenger Depot Menomonie Jet 3-J 

Passenger Depot Rusk 9606-J-2 

]2 CHI— DEB 


JO!§;. F. CIRKL & iSON 





TEL. 958 


Chinnock Dwight D Residence 326 11th 128-W 

Chrislaw Geo Residence 1104 Wilson av 795 

Christiansen Adeline Res 11061/^ Broadway 175-J 

Christiansen Elmer Farm R 1 9630- J-1 

Christopher M Farm R 4. 9657-R-3 

Christophersen J Residence 1423 2nd 155-W 

Chryst N C Residence 818 11th av 661 

Chudacoff Herman Residence 1221 3rd av 106 

Churchill Tire Co Broadway 701 

Cincoski Everett Residence R 6 691 -M 

Cirkl Sheet Metal Works 816 Main 958 

Cities Service Oil Co Wholesale 7th 646 

City Bus & Baggage Line 1003 Main 33 

Clark Dr C F Dentist 708-2nd 262 

Clark Dr C P Residence 614 Wilson av 575 

Clark F V Farm R 1 9620-J-2 

Clark Farnham A Attorney 224 Main 667 

Clark Farnham A Residence 815 6th 129-W 

Clark Frank L Residence R 3 9623- J-4 

Clark John D Farm R 1 9673-J-2 

Clark Milford Residence 521 2nd W 681-J 

Clark Mrs Selma Residence 122 11th av W. . .405- J 

Clarke Clayton D Residence 1520 2nd 537-J 

Clementson Ole Residence 1120 11th 792-M 

Close Ernest L Residence 823 6th av 744-M 

Clough Myrle E Residence 944 Tainter 914-J 

Coast To Coast Store 145 Main 315 

Coates Blanche Residence 2011 9th 478-M 

Cockeram Herbert G Residence 302 3rd av W.689-W 

Cockeram Willis Farm R 1 9634-J-3 

Cole Nels T Residence 1015 Wilson av 418-W 

College Inn 210 Main 190-W 

Collins William B Residence 308 11th 658-W 

Colonial Pines R 6 9656-J-l 

Connell's Sunridge Orchards 616i/^ Broadway 929 

Conoco Service Station 2231 Broadway 998-W 

Convent St Joseph 812 9th 588 

Cook Gerhard Residence R 1 9620-J-l 

Cook Henry F Jr Residence 1402 Broadway 385-M 

Cook John Farm R 2 985-R-4 

Cook Leonard Farm R 1 Elk Mound 9663-R-2 

Cook Martin Residence 2120 4th 611-R 






Buying Days in Menomonie — Tuesdays & Thursdays 

TEL. 753 








Spring Valley for Orchard Menomonie Tel. 929 

Cook Mrs Mary R Residence 1216 6th 672-R 

Cook Robert H Farm R 2 9652-J-3 

Cooke Harold R Residence 221 2nd W 644-J 

Cormican Ernest Residence 202 Douglas 364-W 

Cotts John Farm R 5 9613-J-2 

Countryman Delbert G Residence 504 10th av..859-J 

Cowley Thomas M Residence 1110 7th 316-W 

Cramer Frank Residence 1520 7th 396-W 

Cramer Joe Farm R 2 9664-R-2 

Cramer John Jr Residence 515 13th 675 

Crandall Barney Residence 921 14th av 622-W 

Crandall Charlie E Residence 102 Railroad 648-R 

Creaser Richard Farm R 3 979-R-l 

Crego A B Farm R 6 9628-J-2 

Crescent Creamery Company 516 Broadway 430 

Crist F W Residence 316 18th av 842-J 

Crist Lester Residence 2017 2nd 60-J 

Cronk Leslie Farm R 2 9654-J-3 

Cronk R W Residence 1008 8th 571-J 

Cudd Byron Residence 218 3rd av W 435 

CuUigan Soft Water Service Co N Side 596 

Cummings Ray Residence 1600 10th 544-W 

Curran Fred L Residence Oakwood Heights 713- J 

Curran Geo F Residence 1203 2nd B 663- J 

Curtis Alice Residence 5201/2 5th 748- J 

Curtis Arlo Residence 1509 3rd W 417-W 


Dahl Ever Residence 1509 7th .368-R 

Dahl John E Residence 235 Stout 388-M 

Dahlby A C Farm R 2 9649-J-4 

Dahms La Verne Farm R 2 , 9672-R-4 

Dahms Wra Residence R 2 514- J 

Dairyland Power Cooperative R 6 9648-R-3 

Dale Louis Farm R 6 9642-J-l 

Dalle Robert J Farm R 2 9651-J-2 

Damgaard Knute Farm R 5 9618-R-3 

Daniels Rev Wm Residence 910 Wilson av 278 

Davis Mrs Joseph H Residence 1620 9th 954-W 

Dean Geo Farm R 5 9619-J-2 

Debee & Doane Garage R 5 9617-R-l 

For Dairy Products 

Call Crescent Creamery Co. 

516 Broadway We Deliver Phone 430 

14 DEC— EGA 




Office Tel. 700 Res. Tel. 179 


Decker Mrs Gertrude Eesidence 1121 E 3rd 485-W 

Decker Lawrence E Res W-18 Wakanda ct 579-W 

Decker Paul Residence 203i/^ 13th av W 696-R 

Del & Otto's Sport Shop 501 Broadway 863 

De Long Mrs Marjorie Residence 503 18th av..725-J 

Denning Charles Farm R 5 9619-R-3 

Dennis Henry Residence R 6 9669- J-3 

Dickman E Store 315 Tainter 244 

Diedrich Richard Residence 1103 2nd W 434-J 

Diedrich's Store 614 Main 567-W 

Diffendorfer Irvin J Residence 502 13th av 823-R 

Diffendorf er Leroy Farm R 6 9640-R-2 

Diller Francis M Residence 706 Stout 59-W 

Diller Mrs George F Res North Shore Drive 122- J 

Dinnies William Residence 1121 13th av 312-R 

Dix Frank Residence 914 7th 62-W 

Dix Harry C Farm R 2 9652-J-l 

Dixon H W Residence 10201/2 2nd 708-J 

Dodge C Residence Wilson Court. 13-W 

Dodge Milford Residence 1403 2nd av E 304-W 

Dodge Ray R Residence 212 Crescent 895-J 

Dodge's Elevator West Side 270- J 

Dodge's Feed Store 611 2nd 131-W 

Doelle Ed Farm R 2 Colfax Wis 9651-R-3 

Doherty Mrs J W Residence 820 3rd 219-W 

Domke A J Residence 1301 2nd 212- J 

Donaldson James R Residence 902 10th 129-J 

Donley Mrs Abbie Residence 815 Main 482-M 

Donley Chas L Farm R 1 9635-R-l 

Donley Willis E Lawyer 3333/^ Mam 189 

Donley Willis E Residence 100 2nd av NW 71 

Donovan James M Residence 1203 Wilson av. . .822- J 

Downs Anna Eesidence 1502 7th 486- J 

Draeger Fred Farm R 6 9642-R-3 

Draeger Otto Farm R 6 9643-J-3 

Dragseth Ludvig Residence 1220 3rd 177 

Drake H E Residence 420 10th av 915-W 

Drew George Residence 421 Knapp 868-R 

Drinkwine Denver A Residence 120 14th av. . . .319- J 

DriscoU John J Residence 1203 7th 807- J 

Du Charme Robert R Res W-13 Wakanda ct . . . 541 -M 

Duesing Chas Residence 1220 10th 521-J 

Duesing Insurance Agency 133 Main 700 

Duesing J E Residence 109 W 2nd N 179 

Duesing Otto Residence 1412 Broadway 252-W 

Duffy Harry Residence 1715 2nd 768-R 

Duncan Wm B Residence 420 12th av .804-W 




R. E. A. OFFICE Tel: 809 


After Hours — Call Maintenance Foreman Paul Millermon 


Dunn County of 
Asylum R2 6 

Circuit Court Court House 42- J 

County Agent Court House 849 

County Clerk -Court House 55 

County Judge Court House 132 

County Nurse 107 W Main 29 

District Attorney 224 Main 99 

Highway Commission Court House 91 

Highway Machine Shop 621 17th 717 

Home R 2. 9653-R-l 

Jail 903 10th .25 

Municipal Judge Court House 42-W 

Public Welfare & Pension Depts 813 3rd 770 

Register of Deeds Court House 56-J 

. Service Officer 643 Broadway 665 

Supt of Schools Court House 24 

Treasurer Court House 56-W 

Dunn County Agricultural Conservation Ass'n 

105 W Main. 78 
Dunn County Electric Cooperative Main Office 

912 Crescent ' 809 

After 5 :00 p m and before 8 :00 a m and on Sundays 

and Holidays call Service Dept 573-W 

Dunn County Ne^s Ptg Ofc 300 Wilson av 169 

Dunn County Normal School Wilson av 166 

Dunn County School of Agriculture Wilson av 201 

Dunn County War Price & Rationing Board 

643 Broadway. 633 
Dyer Clinton N Residence 8181/2 Hth av 942-W 


Eau Claire Leader 708 2nd 372-W 

Eberhartsen Sever Residence Stout 501-W 

Ebert Gust Farm R 3 9678-R-2 

Eckert Gust A Jr Farm R 2 986-J-4 

Eckert Mrs Maude Farm R 3 892-J-l 

Edeberg Wm Residence 1314 7th .344- J 

Edmonds George Farm R 1 9629-R-2 

Edwards Harry Residence R 2 9651- J-5 

Edwards Harvey H Residence 1209 2nd 726 

Egan Mrs Kate Residence 1020 2nd 708-W 


Mixing and Grinding 

Poultry Supplies & 


C. O. Dodge, Prop. 

Office Tel. 131-W 

Elevator Tel. 270-J 

-611 2nd St. — 

Flour, Feed & All 

Kinds of Garden 

and Farm Seeds 

16 EHR— FOD 




Complete Modem Equipment 

6th St. Menomonie, Wis. Phone 581-R 


Ehrhard Louis Eesidence 329 Park 358- J 

Ehrhard Mary Residence 1115 Broadway 240- J 

Ehrhard Quilling Drug Co 300 Main 600 

Eick Wm H Residence 209 13th .636-W 

Eighmy Percy Residence 1021 13th av SQl-W 

Einum Fred Residence R 1 425-R-3 

Eiseth Arthur Farm R 1 9607-R-2 

Eiseth Carl Residence 332 Railroad 868-W 

Eiseth Ed Residence 224 13th 635-M 

Eldred Mrs H M Eesidence 9211/2 6th 859-M 

Eleason V A Residence 10211/2 Broadway, 287- J 

EUingson Lloyd C Residence 415 12th av W 354-J 

EUingson & Smith Attorneys 224 Main 99 

Elliott S P Residence 2206 5th 245-W 

Emmert Eichard Residence 108 W 4th 237- J 

Enersen C G Residence 115 W 3rd 237-W 

Eng G M Farm R 1 282-W 

Engel Arthur Residence 613 Wilson 228-E 

Engen Bernhard J Farm R 1 9607- J-2 

Erickson Anton Residence 214 12th av W 769-W 

Erickson Ed Farm R 6 9638-J-3 

Erickson Oscar Farm R 6 9638-E-3 

Esenstad Oscar Residence 115 4th av "W 689- J 

Evenson Clifford Farm 418 Knapp 310-W 

Evenson Cyril Farm R 4 9605-E-4 

Evenson Harold Residence 2218 9th 620-M 

Evenson Edmund Farm R 3 979- J-4 

Evenson Edw Farm R 6 9642-J-3 

Evenson Eoy M Farm R 6 9642-E-4 

Ewing Donald Residence 901 6th av 733-E 

Excelsior Brick Co Office 708 2nd 15 

Excelsior Brick Co Yard W Side 41-J 

Pair The Dept Store 644 Broadway 736 

Farm Security Administration Court House 89 

Farmers Beer Garden 801 Main 897 

Farmers Equipment Co 420 Main 105-W 

Farmers Mutual Fire Ins Co Office 333 Main 114 

Farmers Store Co 441 Broadway 

Office 373 

Dry Goods Dept 373 

Grocery Dept 810 



Insure Today — Tomorrow May Be Too Late 




333 MAIN ST. 




A Good Bank in a Good Country 


. 200 MAIN ST. * tL. it 

Farmers Store Company 544 Main 830 

Farmers Union Co-op 143 6th av 712-R 

Farmers Union Co-op Funeral Home 920 6th .... 581-11 

Farmers Union Cooperative 709 Main 712-W 

Farnham Tom Farm R 6 9640-J-3 

Fedderly Wm Farm R 4 '. .9611-J-4 

Federal Savings & Loan Assn 


133 Main 88 

Fairer John Residence 120 12th av W 634- J 

Feldt E A Sr Residence 1215 Wilson av 267-W 

Feldt Genevieve M Residence 1114 Wilson av 288-J 

Felthous Alan E Residence S-9 Stout Court 881- J 

Feyen Geo J Farm R 2 985-R-3 

Fieschko Frank L Residence 1304 10th av 192- J 

Fillbach Richard E Residence 503 13th 780-W 

Finder Emil Farm R 1 9634-J-l 

Finder Gordon Farm R 1 9634-R-4 

Finder Louie Farm R 1 9629-E-4 

Finn Jerry Engineers 4141/2 13th 629 

Finney Chas T Residence 121-13th av 434-W 

Fire Department W Crescent For Fire Only 399 

Firestone Home and Auto Supplies 438 Main 955 

First National Bank 200 Main 37 

Fisher Herbert H Residence 1103 14th av 680-W 

Fisher Jerry Residence 1511 Main 163-W 

Fisher Julius Residence 1901 Broadway 402- J 

Fisher Louie D Residence 1303 3rd 615-W 

Fladoes Clara Residence 816 5th 515-R 

Flame Cafe 603 Broadway 441 

Fletcher Alan C Residence 1214 6th a v 217 

Fletcher Construction Co 1214 6th av 217 

Fletcher Mrs Elsie G Residence 714 8th 861- J 

Fletcher Harold E Residence 1615 3rd W 136 

Flick H G Residence 603 9th 87-R 

Flick Motor Sales 422 Crescent 87-W 

Flint J T Residence 919-9th 227-J 

Flint J W Residence 919 9th 227-W 

Flora RoUa Farm R 5 .9619-R-l 

Foat A J Residence 215 3rd av W 176-J 

Fodnes Ole Farm R 6 9648-J-4 


Firestane Hnme & Autn Supplies 

Tires - Tubes - Batteries - Auto Supplies - Hardware - Farm Goods 

438 Main St. '^"^ ^''"'^ " ^"""^ " P^*"*' * ^"^ ^^p"' Tel. 955 

18 FOR— GRA 

^ *'400" CLUB ^ 



Bus. 9638- J-1 Telephones Res. 964-J 

Porster Geo Residence 1202 6th av 505- J 

Porster S H Residence 921 Broadway 463 

Portin James A Residence 606 15th av 666-W 

Foss Fred Residence 12091/2 10th 591-W 

Foss Lillian Residence 209 14th av W 802-W 

Four Hundred Club R 6 9638-J-l 

■ Fox Peter Sons Co West Side 753 

Francis Lloyd Residence 132 Railroad 844-J 

Frank Edwin C Residence 206 Stout 605-M 

Prank Wm Residence 1802-6th 609-W 

Freeman R Residence 1123 3rd av 265-W 

Freseth Andrew Farm R 6 9638- J-2 

Prey Roland Residence 1207 Main 147-W 

Friendly Tavern R 2 Colfax 9647-R-l 

Fritz Wm Farm R 4 Elk Mound 9661-R-4 

Froelich E T Farm R 5 164-W 

Fruit Lester Farm R 2 9662-J-2 

Fryklund Verne C Residence 102 4th av W 54 

Fuhrman L C Residence 1702 5th 301-R 

Fuhrmann William Residence 11201/2 8th 124-M 

Fuller Dr C A Dentist Ofc 330 Main 235-J 

Fuller Dr C A Residence 303 12th av W 198-W 

Puller Mrs Clarence T Residence 630i/^ Broadway. 428-J 
Funk B M Residence 302-12th 628 

Gabriel Henry G Residence 3I51/2 12th 260- J 

Galep John Residence IIII/2 6th av W 678 

Galgush Elmer Residence 1912 Broadway 157-W 

Gallman John W Jr Residence 1215 10th 404-J 

Galoff Edward J Farm R 6 9638-R-2 

Galvin Aloysius W Attorney 224 Main 787 

Galvin Aloysius W Residence 1321 7th 779- J 

Galvin Mrs Emma Residence 602 13th av 779-W 

Galvin James H Residence 1014 2nd 655- J 

Gamble Store No. 10 436 Main 639-W 

Gane Glen Residence 1209-14th av 193- J 

Gane's "66" Station 512 Crescent 449 

Gauvin Alice G Residence 803 Wilson av 771 -J 

Gauvin Ernest Residence R 5 978- J-2 

Gauvin Dr John J Ofc 3301/2 Main 990 


E. W. BORGSTADT, Proprietor 
^222 Main Street The Friendly Store Tel. 191 J 




342 Main St. 
Telephones: Business 40-W; Residence 40-R 
■ FUNERAL SERVICE h. O. Burwitz, Tel. 572-W FURNITURE 

Gebert Allen Eesidence R 6 9627-R-l 

Gebert Mrs John Residence 1209 Broadway 397- J 

Gehrke W W Residence 1116 lltli 494-W 

Geisert Hotel 709 Broadway 458 

Geisert Leo Residence 1321 Main 214 

Gerth ^d Farm R 1 9626-R-2 

Gerth Herbert Farm R 1 9626-R-l 

Gerth Otto Residence 1217 9th 124- J 

Gesche Alvin F Farm R 2 9662-E-l 

Geving Mrs H L Residence 630i/^ Broadway. . .428-W 

Giertz Frances H Residence 1208 13th av 522-W 

Giese Alvina J Residence 908 6th av 350 

Gilberts Arthur Residence 1803 7th 301-W 

Gilgenbach Wm J Residence 1403 6th. ...... . .782-W 

Givney Stewart L Residence R 4 360-W 

Glennon Mrs John Residence 107 12th av W 934-J 

Gloege H E Residence 415 Wilson av 926- J 

Godfreson George Residence 222 Douglas 388-R 

Goehring Milton E Residence North Shore Drive . 122-R 

Goehring Oliver Farm R 2 424-J-l 

Goercke Mrs Harry Residence 1802 11th 574-M 

Goff Ohauncey V Residence 502 22nd 247- J 

Golden Rule 222 Main 191 

Gonsolin Fred Residence R 6 691-J 

Good H F Residence 820 6th 311 

Goodell C L Residence 804 9th av 642-J 

Goodell Reid M Residence 1611 3rd W 946-M 

Goodrich Donald L Residence 321 Wilson av 40-R 

Goodrich Donald L Cottage R 6 9640-R-3 

Goodrich Furniture Store 342 Main 40-W 

Gordon Anna Residence 630 13th 780- J 

Gordon George Farm R 2 9677- J-4 

Gordon Laf e Residence 803 AVilson av 933- J 

Gormanson S Farm R 5 9612-R-l 

Govin Residence 612 13th 616 

Govin E E Residence 1217-5th av 324- J 

Graff Clebourne Farm R 1 9633- J-2 

Graham L L Residence 8201/2 10th 438-J 

Gralow Richard Residence R 6 691-W 

Gralow Sadie Residence 2003 9th 582- J 

Grambo Richard Residence 1411 10th 621- J 

USE GAS 'Ti'i-i 

Division j-qjj 

Cooking — Refrigeration — Water Heating 

JAMES FORTIN, Res. 666-W „„- ,, . _ PAUL DECKER, 696-R 

V MYRLE KECK, 298-w' 331 Main St. K. C. WENNERBERG, 120-W / 

20 SRA— HAN 


Thoughtful Care and Dignity Characterize Our Service 

"Lady Assistant" 

Phone 542-W 1104 6th Street 

Grambo Mrs W C Residence 1108 lOth 494-J 

Grambo Wilfred Residence R 2. 9654-R-2 

Grambo Mrs William Jr Res 10101/2 6th av. . . .502-W 

Grannis Dr I V Physician Office 404 Main 53-W 

If no answer call Phys Service Bureau 468 

Grannis Dr I V Residence 220 W 3rd 357 

Grannis Dr I V Cottage R 3 Colfax 9651- J-1 

Granoien Mrs A Farm R 1 9637-E-3 

Graske Arthur Farm R 6 9669-J-4 

Graven & Wilcox Shoes 336 Main 359-W 

Greeley Funeral Home 1104 6th 542-W 

Greeley John L Residence 207 12th av W 248-R 

Greeley Martin Residence 1024 3rd 126 

Greeley Specialty Shop 604 Main 542-E 

Green Daniel Residence 335 Park 554-J 

Green Mrs James E Residence 814 3rd 839-W 

Green Vernon N Farm R 3 9622-R-3 

Greene Vincent L Residence 402 Tainter 504-W 

Gregg Paul E Residence 814-llth 526- J 

Greuel Erwin J Residence 329% Main 469-R 

Grimme Alvin Farm R 5 9613-R-l 

Grimme Francis Farm R 5 9615-E-4 

Grimme Ray Farm R 3 9622-J-2 

Grube Frank W Residence 1019 9th 942-J 

Grudt Agnes E Residence 1114 8th 124-R 

Grudt's Market 413 Tainter 971 

Grundgriper Edw Residence 320-llth 568- J 

Grundman Mrs Evelyn Farm R 2 985- J-4 

Grundman Herman Residence 1416 8th 622- J 

Grundy Mrs Laura Residence 815% 4th 242- J 

Grutt Albert Farm R 3 9677-J-l 

Grutt Alfred A Residence 1320 6th 312- J 

Grutt Ed Farm R 2 9677-J-3 

Grutt George G Farm R 6 9646-J-4 

Grutt Walter Farm R 2 9672-J-5 

Grutt William Farm R 2 9677-R-l 

Guenther Frank Farm R 2 9655-J-4 

Guenther Harry Farm R 1 Elk Mound 9655- J-1 

Guenther Herman Res Rusk 9652- J-2 

Gugel Edwin Residence 1202 10th 792- J 



24 Hour Service 



I 1016 - 4th Ave. Phone 893 / 


Gundeman Henry Farm R 6 9650-R-3 

Gunderson Muriel J Eesidenee 1013 5th av 981- J 

Gunter D Residence 403 11th 532-W 

Gunter Service Station 1016 4th av 893 

Guptill Mrs Lillian Farm R 1 9626- J-4 


Haase C A Farm R 2 9664-J-2 

Haase Chris Farm No 6 R 1 9620-R-4 

Haase Chris Residence 311 Park 358-W 

Haase Edward Residence 214 2nd av W 73 

Haase Mrs Henry Residence Stout Road 484-W 

Haase Paul G Farm R 1 9621-J-4 

Haase's Apparel Shop 244 Main 239 

Hadden Ann Residence 818 9th av 479- J 

Haff elder Charles Farm R 1 9633-R-2 

HaflFelder Fred Residence 915 5th 192-W 

Hafner David T Residence R 4 627-M 

Hagen Farm R 2 9653-J-l 

Hagen Oliver Residence 321 14th 698-M 

Hageseth Frank Residence 1021 5th av 785-W 

Hahn Mrs Virginia T Residence 220 13th av W 409 

Hake Ira Farm R 8 9623-J-2 

Hake Wilbur Residence 713 13th av 573-R 

Halberg Chas Residence 1114 2nd 383- J 

Haldeman Arnold W Farm R 2 9661- J-2 

Half hide Mrs E A Residence 2020 Broadway. . . .566^V 

Halgren Dr J A Office 143 Main 276 

Halgren Dr J A Residence 114 12th 146 

Hall Gordon R Residence W-7 Wakanda Court'. .228- J 

Hall Harold Residence F-7 Fowler Court 687-W 

Hall Henry M Residence R 5 172-W 

Hall Pauline B Residence 10201/2 4th 326-J 

Halverson E V Residence 1107 W 2nd 320-J 

Halverson H C Residence F-14 Fowkr Court 886-W 

Halverson Harold E Residence 8141^ 3rd 910-J 

Halverison L Residence 301 Knapp 685- J 

Halverson Mrs Eugene A Residence R 2 547-W 

Halvorson Garfield Residence R 5 569-M 

Halvorson Geo H Farm R 6 9640-J-l 

Halvorson Mrs H D Residence 402 12th av W. .769-R 
Halvorson Herman Residence 815 "Wilson av . . . . 427- J 
Halvorson Ole C Residence North Shore Drive. 122-W 

Hamann G L Residence 501 12th 943-W 

Hamerly P H Residence 321 12th 206-J 

Hamerly P H Monument Co 335 Main 49-W 

Hamm Philander G Residence Wilson 983-J 

Hammer Doris M Residence 1413 6th 82-W 

Hammer Eugene Farm R 5 9626-R-4 

Hammond Jack Residence 715 12th av 854-W 

Hamhiond Maurice R Res Golf View Acres 97-R 

Hanke R W Residence 1214 Main 147- J 

Hanschel V L Residence 513 9th av 703-W 

Hansen H M Residence 214 12th 774- J 

Hansen Harold R Residence 505 14th av 621-M 

Hansen Harry Farm R 2 9608-J-4 

22 HAN— HOL 


We Specialise in 


Beer Garden 
Bowling Alleys in Connection 




Hansen J T Residence 919 13th 370-W 

Hansen Col M Auctioneer 710 2nd. 509 

Hansen Martin Residence 115 12th av W 413 

Hansen Martin Farm R 5 9613-J4 

Hansen Mrs Minnie P Residence 215 3rd av W. .604- J 

Hansen Richard E Farm R 2 9644- J-4 

Hansen Robert P Residence 220 Railroad av. . . .868-J 

Hanson Donald Residence 2002 3rd 391-M 

Hanson Mrs Emil Residence R 5 398 

Hanson Harry M Residence 509 11th. 257 

Hanson Herman A Farm R 4 9611-E-2 

Hanson Mrs Josephine Residence 1319 8th 610- J 

Hanson Lewis Farm R 4 9611-J-3 

Hanson Oscar E Residence 1303 8th 337- J 

Hanson Sylvester Residence 1120% 10th 494-R 

Harding W A Residence 320 N 14th 856- J 

Harmon Rose E Residence 702 Main 261-J 

Harmston Mrs Glenn Residence 818i/^ 9th av. . .885-W 

Harper James P Farm R 2 986-E-4 

Harriman Adelaide Residence 319% Broadway 77 

Ha.rrington Dr W W Dentist 224 Main ". 947 

Harrington Dr W W Residence 105 12th 259 

Harrison Herbert R Res Rusk 9653- J-3 

Harry's Bar 715 Broadway 651 

Harshman Lee Residence 1515 3rd "W 318-W 

Hart Edward H Residence 1009 9th .581-W 

Hart H E Farm R 2 9655-J-2 

Hartfield Walter Farm R 5 9613-J-3 

Hartz Wm Farm R 3 9622-J-3 

Harvey William Farm R 2 9651-J-3 

Hasse Clarence Residence 1520 8th 857-W 

Hasse Gust L Residence 921-llth 736-W 

Hasse Otto H Residence 1515-8th 379- J 

Hastings Knox Residence R 6 790-M 

Hathaway Emma Residence R 1 758 

Hathaway Parril Residence R 5 9614-R-4 

Haugh Francis J Residence 308 12th 744-R 

Hawkinson Alvin Residence 333 "Wilson 310-J 

Hawkinson Ben Residence 702 Stout 837-W 

Hawkinson Henry Residence R 2 9649-R-4 

Hawkinson Jerry Garage R 1 226-J 

Hawkinson Ole Residence R 1 499-J 

Hayes Sam F Residence 314 11th 178-W 

Heagle Jack Residence R 4 9605- J-2 

Hecklinger Alfred Residence 1908 Broadway . . . 566- J 

Hecklinger Mrs Charles Residence R 2 272-J 

Hehli Wm H Residence 4053/2 13th 827- J 

Hein Alvern Farm R 2 9652- J-4 

Hein Arthur Farm R 2 9652-R-4 

Hein Clarence Residence 120 13th av "W 21-W 


Heintz Alfred Eesidence 4201/2 17th av 356-W 

Heintz John Farm El.. 9629-J-3 

Helen's Beauty Shoppe 


708 2nd 845 

Helgeson Leonard V Residence 912i/^ Crescent . . 638-M 

Heller Louis Residence R 1 9607-E-l 

Heller Otto Residence R 6 841-W 

Helium C W Residence 1121 11th 792-R 

Helium Geo Residence 1608 Broadway 241 

Helium Mrs Lina Residence 1124% Broadway . 411-W 

Hencley Mrs Inez Residence 523 W 2nd. 995-W 

Henderson Alfred Residence R 2 9655-E-2 

Henderson Herman Farm R 2 9644- J-3 

Hendricks Mrs Sina Residence 121 "W Wilson av.994-W 

Hendrickson Mrs Agnes M Res 302 Tainter 605-W 

Hendrickson E H Residence 1317 2nd 212-W 

Hendrickson George Residence 2600 Broadway .883-R 
Hendrickson Mrs Nettie B Residence 1617 5th. . .666-J 

Hendrickson Orville E Res 721 Wilson av 219-M 

Hendrikson Helmer Residence 702 Tainter 561-W 

Henry Mrs Myrtle Residence 341 Knapp 852-11 

Hermann Elmer A Residence 226 Stout 525- J 

Herrem Walter Residence 1104 7th 63-J 

Hess Frank Farm R 3 891-J-2 

Hickcox Bruce E Residence 1020 4th 326-W 

Hickcox Ralph H Residence 1101 Main 156- J 

Hexum Anna Residence 232 Railroad av 648-M 

Hill April Residence 922 7th 759-W 

Hillman Motors & Implements 508 Crescent 729-J 

Hintz John Farm R 2 986-R-2 

Hintzman Albert Farm R 6 9631-E-l 

Hintzman Aug F Farm R 5 9610-J-3 

Hintzman David A Residence 509 Tainter 812-W 

Hintzman Emil Residence 203 W 4th 342-W 

Hintzman Frank Residence 520 Wilson av 693 

Hintzman Leo Residence Farm R 6 9646-R-3 

Hintzman Milton Farm R 6 9641-J-3 

Hintzman Victor Residence 13081/2 6th 632-M 

Hintzman Walter Farm R 6 9628- J-1 

Hinzman John Residence 1506 9th 857-R 

Hitz Ervin J Farm R 3 626 

Hitz Gustav Residence R 3 481-W 

Hitz Gustav A Farm R 3 986-J-2 

Hobbiek Clem R Residence R 5 334 

Hobbick Edward Farm R 6 9640-J-4 

Hobbiek Nicholas Farm R 6 9665-E-4 

Hoegh Mrs Esther Residence 403 14th av W 323- J 

Hoehn Henry Farm R 4 891-J-l 

Hofland Edward Farm R 5 410 

Hofland Paul E Farm R 5 9626-J-3 

Hoflands Mill R 5 28 

Hoimyr Mrs Edna M Residence 1023 15th av. . .716-W 

Hoimyr Raymond H Residence 1306 10th 204-J 

Holden H R Farm R 5 9615-R-l 

Holden Roy Farm R 5 9615-J-l 

24 HOL— JON 

HoUey Donald E Residence 316 12th av B 331-J 

Holmberg E G Residence 121 15th N 856-W 

Holzhueter A W Jr Farm R 1 9621-J-2 

Holzhueter Ben Farm R 6 9638-E-l 

Holzhueter Herman Farm R 5 9616-J-2 

Holzhueter Otto Residence 1408 7th 878-W 

Holzhueter Paul Farm R 1 9621-R-l 

Homer Vernon Residence R 4 755-R 

Horman Carl W Residence 112 13th 539-J 

Hosford Alexander Residence 1115 8th 473 

Hosford R L Residence 315 14th av W 612-J 

Hospital 1210 12th av 93 

Hossman John Residence 920 8th 289- J 

Hotel Marion 544 Broadway 65 

Houle H Residence 202 12th av E 962- J 

House Fred W Farm R 6 9650-J-l 

House Mrs Geo Farm R 6 9646-R-4 

Hovind Arnold G Residence R 2 9609- J-4 

Hovind Egbert Residence 608 Stout 837-M 

Hovind Ekmand G Residence R 2 9608- J-2 

Hovind Sever Residence 114 Knapp 852-W 

Hovland Chris Residence 321 14th av W 732- J 

Hovlid Geo M Store 235 Tainter 476-W 

Howe Geo Farm R 6 9650-R-4 

Howe Oliver Farm R 1 9634-R-3 

Howison Wm K Residence 714 3rd 23 

Huber Fred Residence 108 2nd W 763-W 

Huber Henry Farm R 2 9651-R-4 

Huber Merrill A Farm R 6 9642-J-2 

Huber Mrs Nellie E Farm R 1 9626-J-l 

Huftel Harold Residence 414 9th av 242-M 

Hughes D P Residence 1317 Main 365 

Hunt David C Residence R 1 67-W 

Hurlburt Mrs Roy Residence 1116 4th 256- J 

Husby Mrs Ben Residence 102 14th 638-J 

Husby C W Residence 203 W 3rd 79-W 

Husby Donald Residence R 5 851-W 

Husby Earl Farm R 1 9621-R-3 

Husby Ed Farm R 1 425-J-5 

Husby Mrs John M Residence R 5 493-M 

Husby Louis A Residence R 5 625-W 

Husby Richard Residence 10181/2 11th av 494-M 

Hutchinson Clark L Residence 316 9th av 394- J 

Hyde Lawrence Residence R 2 9609-R-l 

Hylland John Residence 421 13th av W 518- J 

Hylland Louis Residence 120 W Main ..175-W 


Inenfeldt A L Residence 921 "Wilson av 510-W 

Ingalls Mrs J G Residence 508 Wilson av 194- J 

Ingraham H Residence 1103 3rd ay 265-J 

Ingraham & Torrey Jewelers 216 Main 266 

Ingram S B Residence 1221 Wilson av 148-W 

Internal Revenue Service 222 Crescent 577 

Irvine John Residence R 5 9614-J-2 

Iverson Mrs EUing Residence 201 14th N 304- J 

Iverson Gilbert Residence 221 12th av W 280-J 



TEL. 266 

Jewelers — Optometrists 
Eyes Examined 


Glasses at a priee you ean afford to pay 

Iverson Mrs Henry Residence 318 12th av 290-W 

Iverson Ingvol Eesidence 202 N 14th .590-W 

Iverson Nels Farm R 6 9669-E-3 


Jabusch Julia Residence 120 12th 594 

Jackson J T Residence 513 10th 635-R 

Jacobs George Eesidence 1015 3rd 113- J 

Jacobson Andrew Farm R 5 9618-J-l 

Jacobson Julius Farm R 4 , 9611- J-2 

Jacobson Russel Farm R 3 9679-J-3 

Jaeger Frank Farm R 1 Knapp 9632-E-2 

Jamieson Eev Robert L Residence 608 Wilson av. . .431 

Jarvis C C Residence 816 5th .403- J 

Jeatran Nick Residence 1000 Wilson av 254- J 

Jeatran Peter Residence 814 9th a v 662 

Jensen Clifford Residence 409 Tainter 504-J 

Jensen Emil Farm R 5 9618-J-2 

Jensen H H Farm R 5 9618-R-2 

Jensen Lawrence Farm R 5 9613-R-3 

Jensen Martin Farm R 5 9618-R-l 

Jenson Mrs Ethel Residence 421 Wilson av 720-W 

Jepson Herb Residence 208 13th av W 962-W 

Jesse Frank Residence R 3 574-J 

Jesse Mrs Mary Residence 1209 8th 643-J 

Jewett Ray Residence 121 12th av W 657-W 

Johnson A B Residence 910 Main 377-W 

Johnson A L Residence 314 Wilson av 85- J 

Johnson Art Residence 1615 Broadway 768-J 

Johnson Carl H Residence 1920 Broadway 157-M 

Johnson Gerald C Residence 819 7th 759- J 

Johnson Mrs Ida Farm R 6 9650-J-2 

Johnson J Ed Residence 310 Wilson av 393 

Johnson John D Residence 203 2nd av W 930-W 

Johnson John L Residence 608 Tainter 251- J 

Johnson Lloyd E Farm R 1 Elk Mound 9674-R-3 

Johnson Martin E Residence 427 Stout 543-R 

Johnson Mrs Minnie Residence 8151/2 Main ,670-J 

Johnson Paul L Farm R 6 9646-J-l 

Johnson Philip J Residence 902 Main 861-R 

Johnson Ray C Residence 1407 Main 297-W 

Johnson Raymond Farm R 6 9643-R-2 

Johnson Vernon Farm R 1 425-R-6 

Johnson W R Residence 802-6th av 8 

Johnson William C Residence R 1 9639-R-3 

Johnston Clare Residence 1708 7th 301-J 

Johnston Mrs John R Residence 2226 9th 574-W 

Jones Lawrence J Residence 509 13th 556- J 

Jones Mrs Lene Residence 617i/^ Broadway ..... 279-W 
Jones Mrs Lucy Residence 721% Wilson av 482-R 

26 JOY— KOT 




Joyce J E Jr Residence 409 Wilson av 151 

Joyce Sales & Service 409 Wilson av 86 

Jung-ck Emma Residence 214 W 4tli 120-J 

Jungck F W Residence 1215 Wilson av 267-W 


Kabot Byron L Residence 1115 Tth 187-J 

Kainz Joe Residence 106 5tli av W 752-W 

Karns Mrs Ealph Residence 1202 Tth 316-R 

Kassera Walter Farm R 6 9641-R-4 

Kaunzner Lloyd V Residence 221 13th av W. . .696-M 
Kausrud Mrs Donald C Res F-9 Fowler Court. .886-J 

Kausrud Helmer Residence 803 Tainter 772-J 

Kausrud Residence 903 Wilson av 523 

Keck Myrle E Residence 1120 15th av 298-W 

Keck Ralph Farm R 1 9639-J-l 

Keck Wm F Residence 1121 14th av 349-W 

Keiser Erma E Residence 4101/2 12th av W 657- J 

Keith Floyd L Residence 1415 Broadway 550-J 

Keller Algot B Residence 321 3rd av W 589-J 

Keller Mrs Anna Residence 1320 2nd W 21-R 

Keller George Residence 1015 2nd 135 

Keller's Blacksmith Shop 511 Crescent 335-W 

Kelley Mrs Anne Residence 902 Tth 489- J 

Kelley James Farm R 1 9630- J-4 

Kelley Wm Farm R 1 9630-R-3 

Kelling Albert Farm R 3 892-R-2 

Kelling Geo Residence 1618 Broadway 319-W 

Kendall Mrs H E Residence 711 3rd 879-W 

Kennedy Marie M Residence 1211 Main 392-M 

Kenney Alice Residence 515i/^ 2nd 512-W 

Kent H W Farm Rusk 421-J-6 

Kern Sidney Residence 1615 8th 964-J 

Kern Mrs Winfield Residence 5201/2 Main 855-J 

Kettner Joe Jr Farm R 2 9672-J-2 

Kiekhaf er Louis Residence 208 Tainter 605-J 

Kincade George E Residence R 6 9656-J-2 

King C H Residence 312 12th av W 383-W 

King Donovan S Residence 1003 7th 957- J 

King John Residence 301 Wilson 983-W 

King Rev W L Residence 1215-7th 285 

Kingsley L Residence 1018 6th 414-W 


Klamm s Mobile Oil Service 

720 Crescent St. 


Formerly Known as the Badger Gas Port 

Tel. 992 



District Agrent 


Fire and Automobile Insurance Life - Accident - Health - Hospital 

First Nat'l Bank Bldg. Tel, 757 

Kirby Mark Residence R 2 9662-J-4 

Kirk W R Residence 104 3rd av "W 747-W 

Kisner Milton J Residence 1114% 14th av 168-W 

Kisor Mrs Audrey Residence 1307 Broadway. . . .946-J 

Kistner Herbert Residence R 5 9613-R-4 

Kistner Phil Farm R 5 9615-J-3 

Kistner Willis Residence 607 13th av 587- J 

Kizer Velmer G Residence 1905 2nd W 627-R 

Klaenhammer Carl P Residence 1514 8th 794- J 

Klamm Raymond A Residence 310 13th 924-J 

Klamm's Mobile Oil Service 720 Crescent 992 

Klatt W C Residence R 5 9610-R-2 

Klatt Wm J Farm R 1 9621-J-l 

Klingenberg Ivan Farm R 4 9605-R-3 

Klingman John W Residence 103 2nd av N 176-M 

Knaack H Farm R 2 9655-R-3 

Knaack's Electrical Appliance Service R 6 . . . . 9627-R-2 

Knight Pierce L Insurance Office 708 2nd 757 

Knight Pierce L Residence 1221 Wilson av 148-W 

Knights of Pythias Lodge 434 Main 429- J 

Knippel Robert Farm R 2 9645-R-4 

Knoble Chas Residence 412 10th av 713-W 

Knopps Andrew C Store R 5 9617-J-l 

Knopps L J Farm R 5 9616- J-1 

Knutson Andrew Residence 627 Tainter 561-R 

Knutson Anton Residence 1216 10th 632-R 

Knutson Clarence E Residence 1621 8th 917-W 

Knutson Lyle Residence 1412 5th 295-J 

Knutson Thomas Residence 1602 Broadway . . . 714-W 

Knutson Wm Residence 509 15th av 619-J 

Kochendorfer Mrs Ricka Residence 1008 2nd 269- J 

Koehler Herbert Farm R 2 9654- J-1 

Koehler Raymond Farm R 2 9645-J-2 

Koenig Dr Thomas R Osteopathic Physician Office 

330 Main. 677-W 
Koenig Dr Thomas R Osteopathic Physician Res 

1103 8th. 677-R 

Koepnick Robert G Residence 1209 10th 591-J 

Kolkind Andrew Estate Farm R 5 143- J 

Kolkind Anton E Residence R 5 371-W 

Kolkind Thorvald Farm R 1 9635-J-l 

Kop jar Mark M Residence R 5 9617- J-4 

Kopp William P Residence 122 23rd av 762-W 

Koranski Al Residence 1420 Main 108- J 

Korbein Wm Residence R 6 251-W 

Kordahl Edwin Residence 432 Railroad av 624- J 

Kothlow Mrs Herman Residence 1216 4th av. . . .557-W 

Kothlow J Edward Farm R 2 985-R-2 

Kothlow James Farm R 2 424-R-3 

28 KOT— LIE 



^M ^M ■■ Complete Loan and Financing Service 

■ ■ ■■ II Over 30 Years of Banking 

""^^ 516 MAIN ST. 

Kothlow Lloyd Farm E 2 9653-R-2 

Kraft Cyril Residence 121 3rd W 996-W 

Kraft Jno S Residence 1006 7th 414- J 

Kraft Mercantile Co 710 5th 786 

Kraft Sam P Residence 1315-7th 659 

Kraft State Bank 516 Main 380 

Kraft W E Residence 1008 7th 540 

Kraft Wm F Residence 521 Wilson av 351 

Kranzusch Ray P Residence Oakwood Heights 751 

Kreiser Geo S Residence 812 6th 563-J 

Kreutzer Melvin Residence 921 6th 859-R 

Krieg-er I G Residence 1302 6th 807-W 

Krogstad Martin N Farm R 5 9617-R-2 

Krueger Otto Residence R 2 Elmwood Addition. .791 -J 

Krueger Paul W Residence R 3 436-W 

Kueneke Paul L Residence 1410 Main 598 

Kuesel Sam Residence R 1 851-J 

Kuester Ed Farm R 6 9646- J-2 

Kuester Gust Farm R 6 9665-E-2 

Kuester Walter Farm R 6 9624-E-3 

Kurschner Irvin Farm Rusk .9606-J-l 

Kvool H G Residence Wilson Court 13-J 

Kyle Chas C Farm R 4 .9657-J-3 

Kyle Dr Chas T Osteopathic Physician Office 

224 Main.lie-W 
Kyle Dr Chas T Osteopathic Physician Residence 

809 Wilson av.ll6-R 


Laatch Francis A Farm R 1 9621-R-2 

Labs Martin Farm R 5 9614-R-2 

Lackner Anton Farm R 1 9673- J-1 

LaCorte Cafe 712 5th 748-W 

Lakeside Aluminum Company North Side 950 

Lakeside Cafe 524 Main 457 

Lakeside Motor Co 143 6th av ■. .819 

Lakeview Grocery 13th 166 

Lambert R L Residence 321 13th 750 

Lambertson Howard Farm R 2 9652-R-l 

Lambertson Lon Farm R 2 9644-J-2 

Lammer John Grocer 1400 9th 81 

Lamphere Florian G Residence 1308 8th 765-W 

Lanckton Maude Residence 1015 7th 400 

Lange Canning Corp Tainter 704 

Langford John Residence 12211/2 3rd 483-W 

LaPointe G W Jr Residence Wilson Court 519 

Larrabee Norman Residence F-4 Fowler Court . . 887-W 

Larsen Mrs Kathryn Residence 1100 3rd 290-M 

Larsen Lee Residence 203 2nd W 121-W 

Larsen Mrs Olive Residence 2003 Broadway 60-M 



Larson Andrew Residence 820 5th ...515-W 

Larson Arnold M Residence 834 Stout 501-M 

Larson Francis Residence 318 12th av W 934-W 

Larson Herman Farm R 3 979-J-l 

Larson J Farm R 3 9622-J-l 

Larson Martin H Farm R 6 9641-J-2 

J Farm R 6 9637-J-2 

Oliver G Residence 413 18th av 858-W 

Oscar A Farm R 1 9636-R-3 

Larson Selmer Farm R 1. 9636-J-4 

Larson Mrs Sophie Residence 1518 Broadway .. 946-W 

Larson Wm A N Residence 408 18th av W 518-W 

Larson William M Farm R 6 9656-J-3 

Latham M C Residence 5141/2 9th 744-J 

Lauber Wm J Residence 1717 4th 842-M 

Lausted Sam Farm R 2 9645-J-4 

Lausted Wm Residence 408 13th 889-R 

Leach Darold Farm R 2 985-R-5 

Leach Ward Farm R 4 9657-R-4 

Leach William Farm R 1 9607-R-3 

Leavens Arthur Farm R 1 9673-R-l 

Lee Mrs Anna Residence 320 13th av 613-W 

Lee Christ M Residence 403 20th av 842-R 

Lee Clifford Farm R 4. .* 9657-R-l 

Lee J P Residence 1001 13th 10 

Lee Joy R Farm R 3 979-R-4 

Lee Miss Myrtle A Residence 6081/^ Broadway . 498-W 

Lee Mrs Robert E Residence 11211^ 7th 344-W 

Leedom Mabel H Residence 108 12th 524-J 

Lee's Drag Store 


149 Main 100 

Lefstad T S Residence 802 Stout 837-R 

Lehman Fred Residence Stout Road 31-W 

Lehman Herman Residence R 6 9640-R-l 

Lehmann Jennie Residence 1608 7th 817- J 

Lehmann Mrs Kenneth Residence 1114 3rd 368-M 

Lehmann Myrle Farm R 5 9614-J-3 

Leibke Paul Residence 903 Main 353 

Lemke Albert A Residence 309 Tainter 134-W 

Lemke Arnold Residence 1921 3rd 152- J 

Lemke Mrs Betty H Residence 6141/^ Main 242-W 

Lemke Fred W Residence 602 Knapp 310-R 

Lemke Harold W Residence 402 Stout 364-R 

Lemke Harry H Residence 1608 10th 927- J 

Lemke Julius W Farm R 1 9630-R-4 

Lemke Otto W Farm R 6 9656-R-l 

Lemke Robert Residence 702^ 3rd 995-R 

Lentz Theodore W Jr Residence 608 12th 784 

Lentz William R Farm R 2. 9672-R-3 

Lerum Paul E Residence 1221% 7th 957-M 

Lestrud K Residence 1214 Main 108-W 

Letendre Homer Residence R 6 9631-R-3 

Levi Dorothy B Residence 520 10th av 859-W 

Lewis Mark Farm R 1 282-J 

Lien Mrs Vincent Residence 411 Wilson av Apt 4.653-W 

30 LIE— MEM 

Lierman Carl Farm R 1 9620-R-3 

Lierman Chester Farm R 1 Knapp 9632- J-3 

Lierman Milton Residence 120 15th av W 385-R 

Liermann Walter Farm R 1 Knapp 9632-R-3 

Lind C A Residence 1131/2 Maia 963-J 

Lind C A Cottage R 6 9647-R-3 

Lind Donald Residence 515 10th 739-W 

Link Carl Farm R 4 890-R-4 

Link Louis Farm R 2 9664-J-5 

Link Merril J Residence 921 Main 834- J 

Link Sam Residence 2014 9th 406 

Link Walter Farm R 2 9664-R-5 

Link Wm C Residence 902 6th av 744-W 

Litzkow Glen Farm R 3 892-J-3 

Lockrem Kenneth Farm R 1 9633- J-1 

Lokken Arthur Residence 308 12th av E 368-W 

Lomax Bernard W Residence 603 W 2nd 472-W 

Long Dr D T Office 143 Main 276 

Long Dr D T Residence 120 3rd av W 565 

Long Eunice F Residence 2007 2nd stW. . . . 152-W 

Lotwin Chas & Son 802 Main 375 

Lotwin Sam Residence 113 N 2nd 291-W 

Lou's Stop Inn 438 Crescent .871 

Loveland Stanley Farm R 2 9644- J-1 

Lumsden Dr Wm Office 330 Main 235-W 

Lumsden Dr Wm Residence R 5 360-J 

Lund Einer P Residence Golf View Acres 97- J 

Lunke Harvey Residence 215 Knapp 585-R 

Lynch Glen Residence 1215 2nd 110-J 


M & S Painting & Roofing Contractors Inc 

R 2 Colfax. 9608-R-2 

Madsen Ole Jeweler 301 Main 2-J 

Madsen Ole Residence 1020 7th 187-W 

Madson Mrs Melvin Residence R 6 9665- J-3 

Maher Evelyn C W Residence 115 6th av 681-W 

Mann Esther Residence 1520 Main 798-J 

Mann Wm Residence 509-12th 395-J 

Marine Harold R Residence 1314 Broadway 264-W 

Marion Hotel 544 Broadway 65 

Markgren Ernie A Residence 1209 7th 672-J 

Markham Earl Farm R 6 9665-R-l 

Marshall Abe Residence R 4 538-W 

Marten Eldon Residence 1508 8th 927-W 

Martin Galen Residence 903 2nd 422-W 

Martin Glenn Residence 921 4th 269-W 

Martin John H Residence 1421 Broadway 318- J 

Martinson J C Residence 909 7th 614-W 

Marunda Arnold Farm R 6 9628-R-2 

Mason Dale Residence 1721 2nd 946-R 

Mason Wm Tavern 414 Main 873 

Mason Wm Residence 414% Main 806-W 

Masonic Lodge 118 Main 707-J 

Massey Bert E Residence 403 Wilson 533-W 




Around the Corner, Firet National Bank 
710 - 2nd Street Jeannette Dressier, Mgr. Tel. 84 


Mattison Alfred Eesidence 202 13th av 273- J 

Mattison Clarence Farm El 9634- J-2 

Mattison Herman C Residence 1108 2]id 687-J 

Mattison Hjalmer Residence 227 "Wilson 841-E 

Mattison M A Office 6I8I/2 3rd 490 

Mattison M A Residence 716 15tli 4 

Mattison Phillip Residence R 1 525-R 

Maves Mrs Amelia Residence 1009 8th 957-R 

Maves Theresa Farm R 2.- 9609-J-l 

Maves Wm H 1114 10th 213-W 

McCalmont Mary M Residence Lakeview 178- J 

McClellan Clarence F Residence 109 13th 578 

McClellan Estell L Residence 3061/2 18th av 582-M 

McClellan Garage 512 5th av 729-W 

McClellan J A Residence 1021-6th av 14-J 

McClellan Orlan R Residence 2001 3rd 883-J 

McClung C R Residence 1012 6th 333- J 

McCuUoch Gordon Residence Rusk 421-R-3 

McCulloch Oren Residence 420 Stout 561-J 

McCullough L S Residence 1403 7th 522-J 

McDonald Ed Farm R 6 9648-J-l 

McDonald Mrs Edith Residence 115 N 17th 791-M 

McDonald Florence Residence 2609 9th 592 

McDonald Hector Residence 902 10th 915-J 

McDonald James Farm R 1 9636-R-l 

McDonald Roy Residence 1421 Main 487- J 

McDonald's Hybrid Seed Co 2609 9th 592 

McGilton John N Residence 815 7th 224 

McGuinness W P Residence 600 Broadway 877-J 

McKanna John Farm R 1 9630-J-3 

McKanna Wm F Farm R 1 .9629-J-2 

McKay L G Residence R 6 9648-R-2 

McLean F J Residence 611 W 2nd 9-J 

McLean J P Residence 611 W 2nd 9-W 

McLeod M F Residence 1002 Main 706-J 

McLin MabelFarmR 6 9669-R-2 

McMahon Dr A E Office 404 Main .53-W 

If no answer call Phys Service Bureau 468 

McMahon Dr A E Residence 1220 Wilson av 53-R 

McMartin T H Farm R 5 9611-R-l 

McNulty W F Residence R 2 Colfax 9608- J-3 

McSorley James A Residence 1209 Wilson av. . .798-W 

Medtlie Edna C Store 13th 165 

Medtlie Mrs Edna C Residence 12201/2 4th av. . .827-W 

Medtlie Ike Residence 1020 10th 888- J 

Meier Arthur Farm R 6 9665- J-4 

Meier Otto Residence 325 12th. 206-W 

Melby Olga J Residence III41/2 8th 423 

Melloh Otto Residence 209 Knapp 686-R 

Mel's Produce 610 2nd 222 

Memorial Library 205 Main 45 




National Fitness Demands Energy — ^Enriched Sally Ann Bread 

Is One of the Best Sources of Food-Energy! 

321 Main St. Phone 469-W 




Menomonie Appliance Co 524 Broadway 743 

Menomonie Auto Salvage Co 1600 Main 773 

Menomonie Baking Co 321 Main 469-'W 

Menomonie Bottling Works 

Prompt Delivety Service 

914 Broadway 248-W 

Menomonie Cab Co 121 Main 991 

Menomonie Cash Egg Station 116 6th av 66-W 

Menomonie Chamber of Commerce 224 Main 731 

Menomonie Cigar Co 418 Main 639- J 

Menomonie City of 

City Clerk City Hall 51 

City Treasurer City Hall 51 

Health Office City Hall 536 

Hospital 1210 12th av 93 

Police Department 222 Crescent 17 

Sewage Disposal Plant Eiverside Drive 467-W 

Wakanda Park 870 

Menomonie Clinic Physicians 404 Main 53-^9 

If no answer call Phys Service Bureau 468 

Menomonie Country Club Menomonie 443 

Menomonie Dead Animal Service 512 Crescent 94 

Menomonie Dye Works 617 Broadway 439 

Menomonie Gas Division Office 331 Main 1 

Menomonie Gas Plant 1st av W 238-W 

Menomonie Greenhouse 817 Broadway 520 

Menomonie Implement Co 


816 6th av " 987 

Menomonie Insurance Agency 345 Main 46 

Menomonie Liquor Store 545 Broadway 64-W 

Menomonie Pharmacy 



400 Main 68 

Menomonie Refrigerated Locker Co 121 6th av W. .727 

Mense Ed Residence 1621 9th 823-M 

Mense Hugo Eesidence 1609 9th 676-J 

Mense Robert Residence 1709 7th 603-W 

Menster Albert Residence 711 8th 910-W 

Merriman Rex D Residence 2002 Broadway 762-R 

Mertes Floyd E Farm R 1 Knapp 9632- J-4 

Metling Paul T Residence 1614 5th 976-J 

Metling Wm Residence 421 13th av 544-R 

Mettome Mrs Mary Residence R 6 286-W 

Metzger Leonard Residence 1609 8th 964-W 

Metzler Jacob E Farm R 5 9610-J-2 


' Menomonie 




TEL. 1 


Refrigeration - Water Heating 

__-, „ . „ PAUL DECKER, 696-R 

661 Mam St. k. c. wennerberg, 120-W 


Meyer F W Farm E, 5 9612-J-2 

Meyer John Residence 220-12th 524-W 

Michaels R E Residence 307 Park av 462 

Michaels Clothes Shop 606 Broadway 527- J 

Micheels H A Residence 1020 9th 571-W 

Michelbook P S Residence 1201 3rd 801-W 

Michelbook Nick Residence 703 Wilson av 123-R 

Michelbook Service Co 


720 Main 123-W 

Midwestern Block & Cement Co R 5 9610-R-l 

Millar Gordon D Residence R 2 9672-R-5 

Millar J D Farm R 2 9664-J-3 

Millar Wm Farm R 2 9664-J-l 

Miller Aug Residence 1308 7th 283-W 

Miller Elmer Farm R 3 9679-J-2 

Miller Eugene C Residence F-6 Fowler Court 887-J 

Miller F E Residence 510 12th 180-J 

Miller George Farm R 3 9622-J-4 

Miller Harold Farm R 3 9678-J-3 

Miller James Farm R 3 986-R-l 

Miller La Vern H Residence 2021 3rd 580-W 

Miller Louis H Residence 1316 Main 818-W 

Miller Mrs Mabel Residence 403 12th 568-M 

Miller Walter Farm R 3 9622-R-l 

Millermon Paul Residence 1402 8th 573-W 

Miller's Tydol Station Stout Road 309- J 

Milliren George Residence 907 8th 563-M 

Milnes H Residence 1115 3rd av 740- J 

Miner Roy A Residence 1421 13th 778-R 

Minneapolis Star Journal & Tribune 

603 Broadway. 941-W 

Mitlyng Arnt Farm R 1 9673-R-3 

Mitlyng Axel Farm R 1 9673-J-4 

Mittelstadt Albert Residence Rusk 421- J-1 

Mittelstadt E G Residence Lakeview 635-W 

Mittelstadt Robert Residence 411 12th '. . .568-W 

Mittelstaedt Rev J Residence 1120-9th 474-W 

Modern Beauty Shop 710 2nd • 84 

Moe Carl Residence R 6 9631-J-2 

Moe Herman Farm R 6 9643-R-4 

Moe Louie Residence R 6 543-M 

Moe Manville Residence R 6 9627- J-4 

Moe Ole Farm R 6 9669-R-4 

Moen S K Residence 814 3rd 307-J 

Moessner Arnold Residence 1512 7th 256-R 

Moffat Geo E Residence 1515 6th 332- J 

Molner Lillian Residence E 6 9627- J-1 

34 MON— OAS 






616 Broadway 


Phone 275 


Monahan Frank F Residence 209 W 3rd 79-J 

Montgomery Ward Catalogue Service Unit 

500 Main. 702 

Montgomery Ward & Co 500 Main 760 

Moore Mrs Dalmatia C Residence 1203 Main 392-E 

Moord Mrs Veronica Residence 115 13th 636-J 

Morgan Mayme Residence 213 10th av 110-M 

Moritz Louis J Residence 1419 3rd 615-J 

Morrell A A Residence 4141/2 13th 629 

Morrison Fred Residence 4th av 306 

Morscheck Aug Residence 1103 11th av 213- J 

Mortimer J Gilbert Residence 515 "Wilson av . . . 855-W 
Mowers J Arthur Residence 407 12th av "W. . .354-W 

Mowers Jake Residence 115 12th av E 303-J 

Muenich L Residence 208 13th 158-J 

Mulhollam J A Residence 303 Wilson av 513-W 

Munroe Mrs Marlys Residence 1521 6th 976-W 

Munson E C Residence 710 12th av 343- J 

Myers John W Farm R 2 Colfax Wis 9651- J-4 

Myers Paul Residence Blmwood Addition 484-J 

Myers Mrs Will G Residence 1609 2nd av N 514-M 

Mjrron Anna Residence 1110 Broadway 803-J 


Nathness Albert Residence 320 13th av W 323-W 

Nathness Semore T Residence 11201/2 2nd 764-W 

Nehm Vernon W Residence R 5 569-W 

Nelson Dr E L Dentist 224 Main 649 

Nelson Dr E L Residence 902 13th 346 

Nelson Gilbert Residence 608 Knapp 860-W 

Nelson Gordon I Residence 105 14th 698- J 

Nelson Irvin J Residence 526 Broadway 743 

Nelson Orville L Residence 1202 9th 474-J 

Nelson Paul Residence 1221 3rd 801- J 

Nesser I W Residence 514 9th 355-J 

Nesser Minnie A Residence 1407 6th 327- J 

Nesseth Ole Residence 918 10th av 95-W 

Neubauer. Arthur F Farm R 1 Elk Mound 9661- J-4 

Neubauer Emil G Residence 1012 7th 344-E 

Neubauer Ferd E Farm R 4 890-J-3 

Neubauer Harold Farm R 5 9626-R-3 

Neubauer Wm Residence 1309 9th 765- J 

Oliver C. Dhnstad — Heel Estate 

"/ Can Sell It" 

710 - 2iid St. 




© & N YAMDS 



620 Main St. 


Phone 117 

Neverdahl Alfred A Tavern R 1. 456 

Neverdahl Harold Farm R 5 9611- J-1 

Neverdahl James Residence 1416 llth 621-R 

Neverdahl Leslie Residence 120 16th av W 72-W 

Newman Albert P Residence 332 Tainter 80-J 

Newman Fred Residence 327 Knapp 852-J 

Newman Mrs Louis Residence 335 Tainter 153- J 

Ney Frank 1020 Main 734-W 

Ney Leo Farm R 1 Elk Mound 9674-R-l 

Nichols Oscar Farm R 2 424-R-2 

Nickerson Mrs Essie Residence 1220 Main 623-W 

Nielsen Herluf Residence 902 Stout 501- J 

Ninas Geo Grocery 1815 5th 562 

Ninas Harry A Residence 1703 6th 552 

Noer Olaf Residence 404 llth 281 

Noreen Motors Inc 

Scientific Motor Analysis Equipment — Wrecker Service 

444 Broadway 433 

Norrish Frank W Residence 2003 2nd 762-M 

Northern States Power Co 

After 5 :00 p m and before 8 :00 a m and on Sundays 

and Holidays call Service Dept 188 

Office 102 W Main 32 

Power House North Side 188 

Power House Cedar Falls 9649-E-2 

Northern Tool & Die Works 218 3rd av W 435 

Northwest Co-operative Mills N Side 932 

Northwest Sales & Service Inc 643 Broadway 969 

Northwestern Credit Bureaus 1 S Barstow 

Eau Claire Wis (Call Long Distance) .3185 

Nudell Abe Residence 1703 10th 647- J 

Nussbaum G P Residence 803 Wilson av 427-W 

Nutter L L Residence 504 10th 502-R 


& N Lumber Company * 

Retail Lumber & Coal Dept 620 Main 117 

General Office 620 Main 722 

Oas Harold E Residence 2222 4th 627-W 

Oas Julius Farm R 1 9673-J-3 

Oas Leonard Residence 121 llth av W 921-W 




615 Wilson Ave. 

Tel. 154 

36 OBE— PIE 


, 119 - 6tli Ave. W Tel. 340 , 

Oberle A Midway Grocer R 5 19-W 

Oberle Chas Residence El 9630-J-2 

Oberpriller Mrs Ida Residence IO2II/2 2nd 816-J 

O'Brien Oeo H Residence 1215 6th 676-W 

O'Brien Gertrude M Residence 902 7th 503-W 

O'Connell Mrs B F Residence 605 13th 174-W 

Odd Fellows Hall 6361/2 Broadway 783-J 

Odekirk Henry Residence 120 3rd st W 176-W 

Odness Herman Residence R 1 103-W 

Odness James Farm R 1 Elk Mound. 9663-J-3 

Oebser Mrs Emma Farm R 1 9621-E-4 

Oebser Herman J Farm R 2 9654-J-2 

Oebser Walter Residence R 5 9612-R-3 

Oetting E E Residence 1016 3rd 945-W 

O'Flanag-an Stuart Residence 1301 9th 181-J 

Ofstie Isaac S Residence 1411 Main 623- J 

Ohnstad Mrs Manilla G Residence 1014 Wilson av. .408 

Ohnstad Oliver Farm R 2 9645-R-2 

Ohnstad Oliver C Real Estate 710 2nd 509 

Oleson C H Office West Side 753 

Olson Alton Farm R 5 9612-J-4 

Olson Alvin Residence 221 Wilson 790- J 

Olson Arnold Farm R 3 : 979-J-6 

Olson Edw Residence 1021 Main 502-M 

Olson Elmer Farm R 3 9623-E-4 

Olson Mrs Pern Residence 5031/^ 18th av 755-J 

Olson H C Residence 515 12th av W 341-W 

Olson Henry Farm R 1 9634-R-2 

Olson Implement Co 119 6th av W 340 

Olson Jonas Residence W-8 Wakanda Court . . . 541-E 

Olson Eev Norris Residence 825 Tainter 876 

Olson Eaymond Farm R 3 892-E-3 

Olson Eichard Residence 812 3rd 325-W 

Olson Eussel Residence 409 13th av W 320-W 

Olson Walter Residence R 5 9615-E-2 

Olson Wm Residence R 5 159-M 

Olson's Funeral Home 615 Wilson av 154 

Olstad Harry Residence Wilson Creek blvd . . . 624-W 

Ooley William H Residence 907 6th av 75-W 

Oppegard George Residence 107 14th 590- J 

Ordeman Chas T Residence 1513 7th 339- J 

Orpheum Theatre 406 Main 530-W 

Osborn Mrs Feme E Residence 10151/^ 8th 672-M 

Paramount Cleaners, Dyers & Renovators 

SAY TOO! TOO! For Cleaning & Dyeing 

// /t's Worth Cleaning It's Worthy of the Best 
^ 535 Broadway ^ Tel. 22 _j 



Palmer Refriqeratian & Electrical Service 


Tel. 953-W Days — 953-R Nights 



Ott Wm R Residence 304 IStli 924-W 

Otto Arnold Farm R 6 9665-J-l 

Owen Ralph W Jr Residence 1221 2nd 945- J 

Owen W E Residence 1303 Main 505-W 

Owens Mrs Glenn Residence 421^^ Wilson av 720- J 


Packer M A Farm R 2 424-J-4 

Palmer James Residence 309 14tli av W 953-R 

Palmer James Gen'l Contractor 110 6tli av W. . .953-W 

Palmer William Farm R 1. ; 9629-R-l 

Pankow Rev H A Residence R 2 9655-R-l 

Pape Catherine Residence 1021 "Wilson av 526-W 

Paramount Cleaners Dyers & Renovators 

535 Broadway. 22 

Parker Nellie R 2 Colfax Wis 9647- J-1 

Patterson C J Residence 1212 Broadway 768-W 

Patterson L P Office 345 Main 46 

Patterson L F Residence 1124% Broadway 314- J 

Panly Fred C Residence R 1 493-W 

Pauly Fred W Jr Residence R 1 493-J 

Peabody Laurence Farm R 6 9648-R-4 

Pease W H Residence 1803 6tli 607-W 

Pechmiller Lawrence Farm R 2 9672- J-3 

Peck Prank S Residence 916 Wilson av-. 184 

Peck R B Residence 120 3rd av W 984-W 

Peck Willis Residence 420 11th 568-R 

Peddycoart Mrs C M Residence I2021/2 4tli av. .216-W 

Peddycoart E L Residence 614 11th 595-W 

Perma-Wave Beauty Shop 321% Main 475 

Perry Carl Residence 117 14th 698-R 

Peter Carl A Residence 227 Tainter 605-R 

Petersen Mrs P T Residence 8041/2 9th av 642-W 

Peterson Bert Farm R 3 9678-R-3 

Peterson Carl E Residence Oakwood Heights 401 

Peterson Chester G Residence 121 W 4th 996-J 

Peterson Geo A Residence 207 14th 366-R 

Peterson H Arthur Residence 2221 2nd 611- J 

Peterson Herman Residence 610 9th av 167-J 

Peterson Lumber & Supply Co Stout rd 366-W 

Peterson Roy Farm R 1 9635-J-2 

Peterson Walter Farm R 4 9657-R-2 

Pf eilsticker Robert Farm R 2 9667- J-3 

Phelan Edward Residence 609 Douglas 97-W 

Phillips Jess Farm R 5 9612-R-2 

Physicians Service Bureau 1210 12th av 468 

Pickard Clifford Farm R 3 9679-R-2 

Pieper Frank Residence 1120 7th 587-W 

Pierce Mrs Prank Residence 414 13th 92 

Pierce Robert L Residence 1217 9th av 766 

38 PIN— RIC 



Philip J. Johnson - Prop. 
624 Main St. Tel. 445 

Pinkepank C A Residence 1114 6th 337-W 

Plantiko Walter Residence R 2 9667-11-2 

Plummer Frank H Residence R 5 371-M 

Plutshack A H Residence 1314-lOth 545- J 

Pollock Lyle Residence 707-lOtli av 488-W 

Ponto Albert Residence R 4 755-W 

Ponto Gerhardt Farm R 5 9616-J-3 

Ponto Lawrence E Residence 414 12tli av W 769- J 

Ponto Wm Farm R 1 425-R-2 

Poort Con Residence R 6 9624-J-l 

Porter C E Residence 400 Qtli av 601 

Porter V Residence R 4 538-J 

Post Office 235 Main 416 

Potter Fred Jr Farm R 5 9619-R-2 

Potter Harry Farm R 5 9619-J-3 

Pracht August E Residence 326 Knapp 718- J 

Price Chas Farm R 6 9624-R-l 

Price Fred Jr Farm R 6 9643-R-3 

Price G H Residence 1213 Broadway 840-J 

Price Henry A Residence 820 lOth 756- J 

Price Mrs Ida Residence 413 Stout 185-J 

Price M M Residence 1203 4tli av 776 

Price Robert C Residence 1220 15th av 749-M 

Prim Louis W Residence 1109 11th 370-J 

Prim Otto Residence 1420 2nd 537-W 

Prim Robert D Residence 1503 2nd 737- J 

Prince Mildred Residence 803 Wilson av 933-'W 

Prochnow A F Farm R 2 9661-J-3 

Prochnow Alfred H Farm R 2 9645-J-3 

Prochnow Ben J Farm R 2 9645-R-l 

Prochnow Geo Farm R 2 9661-R-2 

Prochnow Ray Farm R 2 9654-R-3 

Prong Mrs Alfred Residence 1416 12th 632- J 

Puhl Dr Howard V Dentist 6181/2 3rd 973 

Puhl Dr Howard V Res 215 Shorewood Drive .. 918-W 
Purkiss Mrs Emma Residence 901 8th 553- J 


Quaderer Clyde A Residence 112 Cedar 852-M 

Quam Die A Residence 1815-6th 361 

Quilling Arnold L Farm R 3 9679-J-l 

Quilling Betty J Residence 515 9th 861-M 

Quilling E Residence 609-llth 516- J 

Quilling Earl J Residence R 3 9677- J-2 

Quilling Erwin A Farm Oakwood 586 

Quilling F A Residence 918 5th 296- J 

Quilling H W Residence 710-9th av 146- J 

Quilling Harold Residence 1918 5th 775-W 

Quilling Leonard Farm R 4 Elk Mound 9667- J-1 

Quilling Marvin Farm R 1 9673-R-2 




Quilling Orville L Eesidence 108 16tli 484-R 

Quilling Otto Farm R 3 9679-J-4 

Quilling Dr Phil A Physican Office 404 Main 53-W 

If no answer call Phys Service Bureau 468 

Quilling Dr Phil A Eesidence 1114-llth av 43 

Quilling Ray Farm R 3 892-E-l 

Quilling Sam Farm R 2 9672-J-4 

Quilling V W Residence 1703 9th 954- J 


Eaasch Martin Farm R 3 986-J-3 

Eadke Earl Residence 423 Wilson 231-W 

Eadke George R Residence 325 Tainter '. . .797-W 

Radle William S Farm R 4 9657-J-4 

Railway Express Agency Inc 347 Main 250 

Randall Katharine M Residence 609 13th 838 

Rasmussen Percy Residence 408 20th av 825 

Rasmusson Bert Farm R 3 979- J-2 

Rasmusson Harry E Hatchery R 3 979- J-3 

Rasmusson Ralph Farm R 4 9657- J-2 

Rassbach Fred A Residence 604 Railroad 437-W 

Rassbach Rudolph Residence 302 12th av 960- J 

Rassier Wm P Residence 103 12th N 7 

Ray J E Residence Oakwood Heights 822-W 

Red Cross Dunn Co Chapter Court House 640 

Red Owl Store 320 Main 197-W 

Redgren Jim Residence 717 12th av 283-M 

Reed James Residence 116 16th av W .550-W 

Reed Wm H Residence 10081/2 7th 854- J 

Reichard Paul V Residence 420 17th av 356-J 

Reikowski Fred Residence R 6 869- J 

Reinecke Bernie Residence 503 Tainter 561-M 

Reinecke Christ Residence R 2 739-J 

Reppe Ingwald Residence 214 Railroad av . .648- J 

Reppe Palmer Residence 106 Tainter 153-W 

Resnick Simon L Residence 302 11th 260-W 

Retelstorf Alma L Residence 1608 9th 843- J 

Retzloff Arnold M Residence 1603 7th 916-J 

Retzloff Carl Residence 320 14th av W 732-W 

Retzloff Fred Farm R 6 9641-J-l 

Retzloff' Fred Jr Farm R 6 9648-R-l 

Retzloff Harry Farm R 6 9642-R-2 

Retzloff Lorn Farm R 2 9667-J-4 

Retzloff & Ryder R 1 968 

Reynolds Al Residence 2302 4th 245-J 

Rhead E M Residence R 6 9648-J-3 

Rhead N I Residence 2235 Broadway 221 

Rice A J Residence 1414 2nd 671 

Rich C L Residence 11041/2 7th 333-W 

Richardson L A Residence 1109 3rd av 584 

Richardson & Richardson Chrptrs 113 Main 107 

Richartz Implement Co 

McCormick-Deering Tractors - Farm Implements - International Motor 
Trucks - Jamesway Barn Equipment - Harness 

118 W Main 707-W 

Richartz T Residence 510 11th 14-W 

Richert R Vaun Residence 1220 8th 508 

40 RIL— SCH 



District Agrexit 



Insurance Surveys — Annuities — Business Insurance 

. 715 Sixth St. Tel. 338 

Riley L Residence 320 3rd av 342-J 

Ritzaur Chas Farm E 6 9643-J-l 

Riverview Tavern R 5 9617- J-2 

Roach E S Residence R 3 Colfax 9647-R-2 

Roach F R Farm R 2 424-J-3 

Roach G S Residence R 2 9608-R-4 

Roach. Leon Residence 1321 Broadway 385-W 

Robelia Ftancis Farm R 4 9657- J-1 

Roberts Co The North Broadway 865 

Rodey Lloyd H Residence 1114 3rd 290-J 

Rodey Willis Farm R 6 .9642-R-l 

Roen Hans H Residence 1221 W 3rd 485- J 

Roen Jno J Residence 1314 W 2nd 397-W 

Roen Rudolph Residence 215 12th av "W 341- J 

Roerig Insurance Agency 422 12th av W 347 

Rogers Harold E Residence 903 Stent 767-J 

Rogers J T Residence 2019 4th 391-R 

Rogers Lee D Residence 322 18th av 609- J 

Rogers Le Roy Farm R 1 9620-R-l 

Rogers Mabel C Residence 221 2nd W 291- J 

Rogers Walter Residence 1409 1st av B 698-W 

Rognstad Mrs C Farm R 4 890-J-l 

Rogstad Maurice Residence 1203% Main 392-J 

Rogstad Oscar Residence 423 "W 2nd 412-W 

Rogstad Standard Service 


Washing — Auto-Rock Lubrication — Tire Service 

Let Us Call For and Deliver Your Car Standard Oil Products 

426 Broadway 453 

Roland John G Residence 1508 2nd 229-R 

Rollay A K Residence 1820 11th 207-R 

RoUay Clayton Residence Stout Road 635- J 

Rollay Paul Farm R 1 Elk Mound 9663-R-l 

Rommelmeyer Emil Residence R 6 869-W 

Rommelmeyer R A Office 715 6th 338 

Rose Herman Farm R 6 9665-R-3 

Ross E IJr Residence 121 12th av 805 

Rossler F J Jr Farm R 2 9674-J-3 

Rossler Frank J Sr Residence 1414 7th 204-W 

Roth Fred Farm R 6 9631-J-l 

Rothbarth Walter Residence 914 13th av 168-J 

Rotnem M B Residence 504 11th 57 

Rowe Edgar M Residence 512 Tainter 182-W 

Rowe Mrs F W Residence 1321 Wilson av 215-W 

Rowe W J Residence 312 13th av 613-J 

Rowley Albert Residence 502 Douglas 369-M 

Rowley Lyle Residence 132 Knapp 585-M 

Rude Henry L Residence R 5 420-R-2 

Rudiger Eugene Farm R 6 9643-J-4 

Rudiger Harvey Farm R 1 625- J 

Rudiger L Residence R 1 103-J 




Makers of Photographs that Live Forever 
Modern Photography Expert Kodak Finishing 

PHONE 115-W 224 MAIN ST. y 

Rudiger P E Radio Shop ^^-^^^_^^-^^^^ 


533 Broadway 328 

Rudiger Peter E Residence 211 Shorewood Drive. .211 
Ruedebusch John W Residence 816 5th Apt 7. . . .975-J 

Rudow H W Lawyer 6I8I/2 3rd 2-W 

Rudow H W Residence 1121 12th 608-J 

Running Laurette E Residence 502 Tainter 182-R 

Running S E Residence 317 Park 470-W 

Runquist Rev Felix Residence 111 15th av 737-W 

Rusk Creamery Co Inc Rusk Wis 993 

Rusk Farmer's Store Rusk Wis 421-R-2 

Russell C M Residence 505 12th av W 372-R 

Ruud Edw Residence 1508 7th 256-W 

Ruud Helmer Farm R 3 979-R-2 

Ruud Nels Residence R 5 143-W 

Ryder Elizabeth Residence R 5 978-J-l 

Rye Oliver Residence 1509 Broadway 673- J 

Sabatke Lloyd Residence 407 Stout 543-W 

Sager Alfred Residence 2019 5th 842-W 

Sagstetter Matt Residence R 2 387-W 

St Clair-Krieger Clothing Co 326 Main 160 

St Joseph's School 813 9th 471 

Salow Roy Residence R 6 868-M 

Samdahl Mrs Arthur Residence N Menomonie. .286- J 

Samdahl Carl Residence 1022 15th av 794-W 

Samdahl Selmer Farm R 3 9678-J-2 

Samuelson Mrs Ada Residence 616i^ Broadway . 877-W 

Sand John M Residence 1504 Main 719- J 

Sanderson Donald Residence 208 12th av W. . . .280-W 

Sandvig Arthur P Residence 1502 Broadway 96-J 

Sandvig Mrs C Residence 1015 Main 156-W 

Sandvig Carl G Residence 1021-8th 488- J 

Sandvig Lars Residence 214 21st av 125- J 

Sandvig Leonard Residence 433 Knapp 686-J 

Sanna Bartel J Residence Oakwood Heights 742 

Sanna Chas A Residence 1302 6th 564- J 

Sanna Dairies Inc West Side ., 202 

Sargent Robert N Residence 1321-6th 140 

Sass Aurelian J Residence 2103 Broadway 157-R 

Scapple Maurice Residence 711 3rd 848- J 

Scapple Nels Residence 408 Railroad av. . . . 437- J 

Schabacker C H Residence Wilson Court 688-W 

Schadney Harold Residence 1902 Broadway 436-J 

Schaefer Ben Farm R 3 9677-R-3 

Schaefer Edwin Farm R 3 9677-R-2 

Schaefer Lawrence Farm R 3 9622-R-2 

Schafer Mrs Arthur W Residence 609 12th 511-J 

42 SCH— SIE 

PLUMBING iJ^nviiiwrff jj^^j^^ 

. 515 East Second St. "^^^ / D" W 24 Hour Service 

Schanen Edward Residence 2009 5th 775- J 

Schanen Harry Farm R 4 Elk Mound 9674- J-4 

Scharr Irvin Residence 511 2nd W 668- J 

Schauf Edward Farm R 2 9641-R-2 

Schauf Ronald Residence 2120 Broadway 611-M 

Scheel Ernest Residence 1609 6tli 916-W 

Scheel Gearld Residence 1816 3rd 574-E 

Schendel Dan T Res 209 Shorewood Drive 426-W 

Schleusner Eudolph Residence R 2 9609-E-3 

Schlottman Eichard Farm R 6 9638- J-4 

Schlough Edwin Farm R 1 9607-J-l 

Schlough Howard Residence 1106 Broadway. . . .637-E 

Schmidt Henry L Farm R 4 891-E-2 

Schneck Geo A Residence R 5 569-J 

Schneider George Residence 603 12th 511-W 

Schneiders Market 520 Main 710 

Schnieder Eudolf Farm R 6 9641-E-l 

Schoenoff Alfred E Residence 820 11th 76-E 

Schoenoff Aug P Residence 808 9th av 777 

Schoenoff Carl Residence 1715 10th 125-W 

Schoenoff Norman W Residence R 2 9661-J-l 

Schoenoff Plumhing & Heating Co 515 E 2nd 76-W 

Schoknecht Paul W Residence 1102 14th av. . . .619-W 
Schools Public 

High School Main 218 

Coddington School 6th 497 

East School Main 495 

North School North Menomonie 496 

Schrader E W Residence 9091/2 Main 482- J 

Schram Arthur Residence R 1 425- J-2 

Schreiner Glen E Farm R 2 985-J-l 

Schroeder E C Residence 1020 13th av 867-W 

Schroeder Fredrick W Residence R 5 9617-E-3 

Schroeder Herbert Farm R 2 9661-E-l 

Schroeder Eichard Farm R 3 9623-E-2 

Schroeder Ted Jr Residence 1212 4th av 861-W 

Schroeder Mrs Wm Farm R 3 9679-E-3 

Schroeder's Frozen Food Lockers 1105 5th 5 

Schultz Albert Residence 1512 6th 368-J 

Schultz Carl L Residence 1221-7th 614-J 

Schultz Elmer Residence 1402 Main 690- J 

Schultz Herman F Res Tainter Hall Cottage 27-W 

Schultz Hugo Residence 608 W 2nd 498- J 

Schultz John Residence 1215 8rd W 696-J 

Schultz Nellie I Residence 1114 7th 283-J 

Schultz Paul Residence R 5 371-J 

Schultz E W Residence 1415 3rd 483-J 

Schultz W Residence 1210-15th av 632-W 

Schultz Willard Farm R 2 9662-E-3 





We Carry A Complete Line of Factory Engineered Parts 

Service For AH Makes of Cai-s 

710 - 4th St. Tel. 105-J 

Schumacher Peter Farm R 2 Colfax Wis 9651-R-l 

Schutt Chester Farm R 6 9642-J-4 

Schutt Gardiner Farm R 6 9643- J-2 

Schutte Wm Residence 332 11th 127-W 

Schutts Joseph Residence 1415 Stout Road 514-E 

Schutts Mrs Matilda Residence 13051/^ 7th 344-M 

Schutts Norman K Residence 1305 7th 672-W 

Schutts Raymond W Residence 917 5th 684-W 

Schutz Herb D Residence IOIOI/2 Wilson av 606-W 

Schwartz Ben Residence 1702-6th 603- J 

Schwartz Clarence W Farm R 2 9644-R-2 

Schwartz Joe Residence 1320 2nd .229-M 

Schwartz William Residence 1002 9th. 418- J 

Score Emil Residence 509 Wilson av 997-W 

Score Jerry Residence 1315 9th 782- J 

Score Marvin E Residence W-2 Wakanda Court . 541-'W 

Score Sig Residence 220 Stout 525-W 

Score's Service Station 710 4th 105-J 

Scott Laurence Farm R 1 9636-J-3 

Searles Garage 313 Main 599-W 

Searles Hugh D Residence Tainter 599-R 

Seger Mrs Frances Residence 509% Wilson av. .997-J 

Seger Milo Residence 15031/2 10th 857-M 

Seger Walter Residence R 5 371-R 

Seipel Charles Residence 1909 3rd 582-E 

Seiser Otto Residence 1121 10th 734- J 

Seitz Carl K Residence 517 9th 834-W 

Seitz Earl G Residence 1109 6th 674-J 

Sell Louie A Farm R 2 9653-J-4 

Setter Mrs Hazel Residence 1503 Broadway 329 

Severson Alvin Residence R 1 9620-J-4 

Severson Helmer Residence 321 Cherry 821-W 

Shackleton Rev A W Residence 112 N 15th. . . .721-W 

Shaf er Archie A Residence 502 12th 174-J 

Shafer Lloyd Residence R 5 9617- J-3 

Shafer Vaughn A Residence 7171/2 Main 919-W 

Shaker Gilbert M Photographer 224 Main 115-W 

Shaker Gilbert M Residence 1021 9th av 756-W 

Sheldrew Fred Residence 909 Main 482-W 

Shellhouse Reuben Farm R 2 9667-E-3 

Sherburne V K Farm Rusk 9606- J-3 

Shem A Residence 1420-7th 610-W 

Shranklen Wm Residence 524 Tainter 231- J 

Shreve T P Residence 807 Stout 772-W 

Shult Harold L Residence 103 17th N 791-W 

Siedenberg H J Residence Rusk 9606-R-2 

Siefert Wm Residence 409 Tainter 504- J 

Sievert R W Residence 122 llth av 411- J 

Sievert Ray W Residence 603 18th 692-J 

Sievert Rudolph Residence 417 12th 127- J 

44 SIM— STO 


Phone 160 326 Main St. 



Simonson Christine Eesidence 326 Railroad av. .585-W 

Simonson Martin Farm E 6 9641-R-3 

Simonson Oscar H Farm R 1 9633-E-l 

Sims Herbert Residence R 1 103-R 

Sinclair Refining Co 201 10th av W 284-W 

Singerhouse Alfred W Residence R 5 9619- J-1 

Sipple Earl Farm R 2 9667-J-2 

Sipple Fred Residence 1014 5th ay 367-M 

Sipple G E Residence 620 Wilson av 715 

Sipple Henry Residence 1022 "Wilson av 254-W 

Sipple Insurance Agency 6I8I/2 3rd 789 

Sipple William A Residence 1720 6th 609-M 

Skellenger Francis Residence 615 Stout 97-M 

Skouge Gordon Residence W-8 Wakanda Court . 228-W 

Sleeper J E Residence 301 2nd W 234 

Sloan L H Residence 115 13th av 303-W 

Slocumb & Bundy Attorneys 710 5th 11 

Slocumb Ira Office 710 5th 11 

Slocumb Ira Residence 706-llth av 63-W 

Smeltzer's Grocery R 1 .476-J 

Smith Al Residence 1002 10th .944-W 

Smith Arthur Residence 1510 Main 44 

Smith Mrs Benita Grote Residence 816 5th 515-J 

Smith Bros Office 133 Main 853 

Smith C E Farm R 6 9648-J-2 

Smith Clarence E Office 224 Main 99 

Smith Clarence E Residence 1215 3rd av 697 

Smith Mrs Elmer Residence 9031/2 Main 733-W 

Smith Fred H Residence 414 11th 363 

Smith Geo F Farm R 5 9615-J-2 

Smith Gilbert Farm R 4 9611-R-3 

Smith H E Residence 707 Stout 499-W 

Smith Myron F Residence 1221 7th 957-W 

Smith Robert E Farm R 6 9650-J-4 

Smith Robert R Residence 414 13th av 823-W 

Smith Mrs Ruth Residence 110 3rd W 644-W 

Smith Shell Oil Station 501 Crescent 452 

Smith Wm A Residence 1320-9th 181-W 

Smith Wm S Eesidence Oakwood Heights 576 

Sneen Anna L Residence 1222 6th av 692-W 

Sneen Emil A Residence 710 10th 734-R 

Sneen Mrs Henry Farm R 3 9678-J-l 

Snittler Elzie Residence 224 16th av W 21-M 

Snively H K Residence 600 Main 90 

Snoeyenbos Milton Residence 1010 Wilson av. . . .606- J 

Snow P C Residence R 2 9644-R-3 

Snow Roland Residence 1005 5th av 981-W 

Snyder Joe Residence 1002 2nd 273-W 

Soberg Mrs Gertie Residence 204 16th av W 21-J 

Soderberg George Residence 1508 Broadway 417- J 



Solberg Carl Eesidence 1408 Main .690-W 

Solberg Edna Residence North Shore Drive . .860-J 

Solberg Oscar Residence 220 13th 836- J 

Solem Herman Residence 1615-7th 332-W 

Solie G A Residence 221 W 3rd 549-W 

Sommervold M J Residence 222 11th av W 769-M 

Sorenson Nels Residence 2803 3rd 883-W 

Sorenson Olaf Residence 207 15th 272-W 

Sorenson Wm J Residence R 2 9609- J-2 

Sovick Earl Residence R 2 514-W 

Speidel Sarah Residence 8191/^ 5th 793-W 

Sperstad Bert Residence R 6 9641- J-4 

Spielman Richard Residence 308 Railroad 844-M 

Sportsmen's Bar 519 Broadway 846 

Spreiter A J Residence 5041/2 Wilson av 705- J 

Springer Alex Residence 414 12th av E 817-W 

Springer Auto Supply 710 Main. 477-W 

Springer A Residence 721 Wilson av 477-R 

Stainer Charles R Farm R 5 9614-R-l 

Standard Oil Products Agency 624 Main 445 

Staverlok Mrs A Residence 218% 3rd av W 27-J 

Stavholt Ole Residence 1009 Tainter 914-M 

Steen Rev Ernest B Residence 921 10th 249 

Steflfen Otto Residence 921 8th 62- J 

Steles W J Residence 1509 9th 857-J 

Steinbring Martin W Residence 1203 10th 374-W 

Steinbring Robert Residence 914 6th 489-W 

Steinke Alfred Farm R 1 9626- J-2 

Steinke Herbert Farm R 1 9620-T3 

Steinke Otto Farm R 1 9620-R-2 

Steinmeyer Einer Farm R 5 9618- J-3 

Steinmeyer Harold Residence 1415 13th 749-J 

Steinmeyer Osc9,r Residence 1218 9th 124-W 

Steinmeyer Telmer Farm R 5 9612- J-3 

Stephan A Stephen Residence 815 11th 438-W 

Stetler Norman Residence 1221 13th av. 312-W 

Stevens E E Residence 718 3rd 144 

Steves Dr B J Residence 202 12th 711 

Steves Halgren & Long Drs Physicians 143 Main. .276 

If no answer call Phys Service Bureau . .468 

Stewart Clesson S Farm R 1 Elk Mound 9674-R-4 

Stewart Prank Farm R 1 9635- J-3 

Stewart Fred Farm R 1 9639-R-l 

Stewart S MFarm R 2 9674-J-2 

Stewart Walter F Residence 1109 3rd .612-W 

Stixrud Mabel Residence 711 3rd 848-W 

Stoeklen J H Farm R 5 9614-R-3 

Stokes A B Residence 221 2nd W 781 

Stokes Joseph W Residence Rusk 421-J-5 

Stokke Edwin Farm R 3 .9623-R-3 

Stokke Louis Residence 901 3rd 637-M 

Stoll G H Residence Rusk 421-R-l 

Stoll John Farm R 5 9616-R-l 

Stoll Louis Farm R 5 9610-J-l 

46 STO— TIL _^^_^__ ^L 



. 702 Main St. Tel. 455 

StoU Paul Farm R 1 420-R-3 

Stoll Pete Farm R 5 9610-R-3 

Stone C B Residence 815 4th 325-J 

Stoppe Cafe 309 Crescent 446 

Stori A M Residence 212 Crescent 223 

Storing Carol L Residence 2021 2nd 60-R 

Stout Institute 

President's Office "Wilson av 173 

Dean Home Economics Wilson av 535 

Dean Industrial Education Wilson av 302 

Dean of Men 2nd 925 

Cafeteria 3rd 415 

Chief Engineer Wilson av 352 

Bichelberger Hall 316 Broadway 866 

Food Laboratory Wilson av 199 

Gymnasium Wilson av 161 

Home Management Cottage 903 6th 246- J 

Infirmary 908 5th 246-W 

Lynwood Hall 311 Wilson av 548 

Nurse Wilson av 989 

Purchasing Agent Wilson av 546 

Registrar Wilson av ^ 30 

Stoutonia Wilson av 746 

Tainter Hall 122 Broadway 258 

Tainter Hall Annex Broadway 195 

Strand Harold Residence 1408 Broadway 155-J 

Strand James W Residence eOOi/a 13th av Apt 5.749-W 

Strand Myrtle Residence 1108 8th 593-W 

Strand Olaf Residence 1115 2nd 110-R 

Strand Mrs Oscar Residence 619 Broadway 279-J 

Stratton Francis Farm R 5 9614- J-1 

Stratton R H Residence 1503 6th 172-J 

Strozinsky H Residence 816 5th Apt 2 703- J 

Stubbs Mrs Charles Residence 2217 3rd 627-J 

Styer Ernest V Residence R 1 9639-J-3 

Styer J R Residence 1121 15th av 312-M 

Styer John B Residence 1314 8th 621-W 

Styer Joseph Residence R 4 890-R-2 

Styer L S Farm R 5 9616-R-2 

Style Shop The 332 Main 359-J 

Succow Theo H Residence 321 Stout 369-R 

Suckow Alfred Residence R 2 Colfax 9651-R-2 

Suckow Emil Residence 1015 11th 792-W 

Suckow Leonard Res W-16 Wakanda Court .... 579-R 

Suckow Levi A Residence 1720 10th 478- J 

Suckow Merlyn Residence Rusk Wis 421-R-4 

Suckow Norman Residence 1620 7th 917-J 

Sundby Caleb Residence 1015 4th 274-W 

Sundby Willis Farm R 1 9673-R-4 

Sunderlin Dorothy E Residence 121 11th av W. . .921-J 







TEL. 33 



Swanson A F Residence 1107 2nd 314-W 

Swanson's Service Station 1302 Broadway 507- J 

Swanstrom W R Jr Residence R 2 Colfax 9608-R-2 

Swartz Grocery 1301 Broadway 322 

Sweeney Myron Residence 1120 8th 374-J 

Swenson Thos Residence 1109 Broadway 287-W 

Swenson W S Office 343 Main 104-W 

Swenson W S Residence 1020 9th av 104-R 


Tangen Ivan Residence 414 Knapp 185-W 

Tangen Roy Residence 1603 8th 396-J 

Taufman Robert Bus & Baggage 1003 Main 33 

Tauger Iver J Residence R 3 294-W 

Teare B R Residence 317 Park 470-J 

Teegarden Daniel Residence 1120 4th 804- J 

Teigen Oscar Farm R 5 9613-R-2 

Tetzloff Herman J Residence 1403 9th 137-R 

Tetzloflf W A Residence 116 W Main 308 

Therrien David Residence 1209 Broadway 385-J 

Thibado Mrs Grace Residence 908 11th 515-M 

Thoeny Ed Trucking 1509 6th 956 

Thomas David M Residence Wilson Court 824 

Thomas Harry W Residence R 1 103-M 

Thomas John Residence R 2 9608-R-l 

Thompson Mrs Anna B Residence 1015 15th av. .545-W 

Thompson Gerhardt J Residence 712 Stout 837- J 

Thon Kenneth M Residence 219 Knapp 844-W 

Thorp Finance Corporation 635 Broadway 928 

Thorson Mrs A W Residence 508 Stout 182-M 

Thorson Alfred Farm R 6 9624-J-3 

Thorson Axel Residence 540 Stout 821-J 

Thorud Odin Farm R 3 9623-J-l 

Thorud Mrs T Residence R 3 9623-R-l 

Three Sister's Cafe 707 Broadway 444 

Tibbetts Elmer Residence 502 18th av 607- J 

Tietz Paul E Residence 2001 4th 391- J 

Tietz Robert Farm R 5 9613-J-l 

Tietz Wm 1905 9th 620-J 

Tiffany H Farm R 5 9612-J-l 

Tiller Edwin I Residence 302 Knapp 914-W 

Tilleson Orion L Res R 6 9649-R-3 



707 Broadway 

Three Sister's Gale 


Tel. 444 


48 TIL— WAI 


Permanent Waving and Artistic Bobbing 

Hair Tinting and Dyeing Our Specialtie* 

308 Main St. Telephone 255 

Tilseth A E Residence 816 5th 403-W 

Tilseth Louis Farm R 6 9649-J-l 

Timm Edward F Farm R 1 Elk Mound 9663- J-1 

Timmerman C A Residence 1216 12th av .298-J 

Tischman Lynden Residence 1619 2nd av 791-R 

Tobin P W Residence Oakwood Heights 650 

Torgerson John E Farm R 3 9623-J-3 

Torrey P A Residence 1108 Wilson av 271 

Torvie Arthur I Residence 6331/2 Broadway 738-J 

Tourist Hotel 702 Main 455 

Towne Carrie M Residence 803 Wilson av 771-W 

Townsend's Radio & Lock Service 518 Broadway.335-J 

Trask Al Farm R 6 9637-R-2 

Traxler Henry Farm R 6 9637-J-l 

Traxler John H Farm R 6 9637-R-l 

Tremble John E Residence 314 Stout 533- J 

Trettin V J Residence 321 18th av 647-W 

Trinko Katherine Residence 1320 8th 349-M 

Troost Geo R Residence 608 9th 336-W 

Tubbs Arthur Farm R 3 9679-R-l 

Tubbs Harold J Residence 1616 8th 843-W 

Turner Martin Residence R 5 569-R 

Turner Ralph Residence 1220 Broadway 840-W 

Tustison F E Residence 308 Wilson av 243-W 

Tylee Al Residence 402 13th av 858-J 

Tylee Tom Residence 1702 8th 823-J 


Uetz Mrs Prancis Residence 713 11th 253- J 

Uetz Wm Farm R 1 Elk Mound 9674-R-2 

U S Gov't of Selective Service Board 205 Main.. 305 
Upthegrove Maxine L Residence 805 Wilson av. . .884 
Utpadel Ralph Residence W-17 Wakanda Court . . 579-J 


Valaske Albert Residence 421 12th. 348- J 

Van Blaricom Wylie Residence 509 Knapp 579-M 

Vande Berg Gordon A Residence Lakeview 793-J 

Van Duyn Herbert E Residence 417 11th 785-J 

Van Duyn's Grocery 305 Main 58 

Vanek Dr H J Dentist 330 Main 142 

Vanek Dr H J Residence 108 3rd av W 407 

Vanity Beauty Salon 308 Main 255 

Van Ness Hazel Residence 814 4th ; 243-J 

Van's Appliance Store 306 Main 645 

Vasey Mrs Bertha Residence R 3 481- J 

Vasey Earl F Residence 702 13th av. 680- J 

Vasey Paul L Residence 323 Park 384 




306 Main St. Tel. 645 


Vasey & Vasey Agency 616 Broadway 275 

Vasey Winston Residence 616% Broadway. . .699-W 

Vehrs Charles Residence 1920 3rd 207-M 

Vehrs E W Farm Rusk 9606-R-l 

Vennes Mrs Lucy Residence 1020 13th 674-W 

Verdon Lawrence Residence 209 Tainter 988-W 

Very Chas L Residence 1204 Wilson av 654 

Very Robert K Residence 1204 Wilson av 654 

Veterans' Service OflBcer 643 Broadway 665 

Vieth Harold Farm R 2 9645-J-l 

Vigerust Laundry 214-13th av W Ill 

Vochko Frank J Residence 1409 Broadway 252- J 

Vogtsberger A R Residence 1103 10th 466 

Vogtsberger G W Residence R 5 233-W 

Voight Axel Residence 921 6th av 75- J 

Voightschild Wm Farm R 1 9621-J-3 

Volp Frank F Residence 819 6th 194-W 

Vrieze John Residence 119 W 4th av 747-J 


W W Dray Line Stout Road 317 

Wadhams Oil Products Agency 430 Chestnut 442 

Wadley F J Residence 1016 Broadway 730-W 

Wagner A H Residence 1221.10th.. 404- W 

Wagner Albert J Farm R 3 9678-R-l 

Wagner E C Residence 720 15th 487-W 

Wagner F P Residence 220-12th av W 655-W 

Wagner George Farm R 2 985-R-l 

Wagner Henry Residence 1820 9th 478-R 

Wagner Lawrence Farm R 2 424-R-4 

Wagner Lenard Farm R 3 9678-J-4 

Wagner Lloyd Farm R 3 294-J 

Wagner Phil Stout Road 309-W 

Wagner Theodore Farm R 4 890-R-5 

Wagner Willard Farm R 2 9653-R-3 

Wagner Wm H Residence 1106 14th av 349- J 

Wahl A H Residence 10201/2 13th av 867-J 

Wahl Elmer M Farm R 1 Elk Mound Wis. . . .9661-R-3 

Wahl Herman Farm R 2 9655-J-3 

Wahl Implement Co R 1 529 

Wahl P Residence 1402 6th 716-J 

Wait Charles R Farm R 6 9646-J-3 




Box 82 


"Minneapolis - Moline Farm Machinery" 

Tel. 529 


50 Wfll— WOL 


600 Main St. Phone 567-J 

Waite Mrs Vina Farm R 6 9631-E-2 

Wakefield S R Residence 2315 2iid • . . . .762- J 

Walker Insurance Agency 600 Main 567-J 

Walker M Residence 504 Wilson av 705-W 

Wallace Herbert Farm R 2 9667-E-l 

Wallace Wm Residence 615 11th 502- J 

Waller Alfred Residence 718 13tli 148-J 

Waller Norman E Residence 203 Tainter 797-J 

Walstad Oerald Residence 1219 Sth 531-W 

Walter Clarence C Residence 1015 Broadway 208 

Water Softening Service Co N Side 596 

Weaver Nick Residence 1309 Stout Road 889-W 

Webb Oil Co R 2 583 

Webb Paul Residence 526 Tainter 812- J 

Weber Lloyd E Residence R 5 9616-R-3 

Weber Lyle Residence 123 Stout 797-M 

Weber Oscar Residence 602 12tli av 643-W 

Webert A B Residence 1105 Main 367- J 

Webster Nathan J Residence 790-W 

Wedam Alvin A Farm R 1 9639-E-2 

Wedam John H Farm R 5 ■. 9616-R-4 

Wedam Mary Residence 516 11th 551-J 

Weier Arnold Residence 120 Railroad 914-R 

Weier Raymond Residence 1021 2nd 159-W 

Weiman Arthur Residence 433 Stout 543-J 

Weisman Mrs Angle Residence 315 12th av W 679 

Weiss Otto Residence 611 10th 336-J 

Welch Boyd Residence R 6 9656-R-2 

Welch T' E Residence 715 Wilson av 219-R 

Welcome Florence Residence 120 Tainter 153-R 

Wellstein Daniel Farm R 1 9633-J-4 

Wennerberg K C Residence 103 W 4th 120-W 

Wensel John Residence R 6 .9627-J-2 

Wenstadt J L Residence 1108 13th 664- J 

Wentlandt Herman A Residence 1015-6th 296- W 

Werner Frank J Residence 1202 4th av 557- J 

Werner J P Farm R 3 892-J-2 

Werth Henry Residence 1003-llth 102 

Western Union Telegraph Co 117 Main 


Westphal John E Farm R 1 Elk Mound 9663-R-3 

White Front Cafe 705 Broadway 874 

White Mrs Ruth Residence 413 Wilson av 926-W 

Wieland P W Farm R 2 9662-R-2 

Wieland Henry Farm R 2 .9654-E-l 

Wigen Ray A Residence Oakwood Ileipihts 390-J 

Wilcox Mrs J C Residence 503 Broadway 412- J 

Wildner Bertha Residence Oaklawn 139- J 

Williams Bros Groc Hdw Imp 820 Main 345-J 

Williams David C Residence 420 12th 216-J 






PHONE 596 

"/t Does Not Cost — It Saves" 
North Broadway 


Williams Frederick E Eesidence 1415 Sth 193-W 

Williams Grant S Residence 302 Douglas 988-R 

Williams Leo L Residence 909 "Wilson av 345-W 

Williams Mrs Lizzie Residence 921 7th 167-W 

Wilsey Ernest H Farm R 2 9644-R-l 

Wilson H Residence R 5 141 

Wilson T B Jr Residence 118 "W 4tli av 171 

Wines J H Residence 1018 Sth 253-W 

Wing Bert Residence R 2 9609-R-2 

Winoske Arnold Residence 1702 9th 912-W 

Winston Rose E Residence 717 Main 740-W 

Winter Mrs R I Residence 1121 Broadway 240-W 

Wisconsin Co-operative Dairies Inc R 5 467- J 

Wisconsin Milling Co Office N Broadway 293 

Wisconsin Milling Inc 


N Broadway 292 

Wisconsin State Public Welfare Dept Dist Office 

107 W Main. 236 
Wisconsin Telephone Company 

Business Office 6181/^ 3rd 490 

To report operating irregularities or a telephone 

out of order call Chief Operator. 
Ask the operator for telephone numbers of sub- 
scribers not listed. 

Wise G K Residence 1203 15th av 209- J 

Wiseman G E Residence 401 12th av W 634-W 

Wisner Donald Farm R 1 Knapp 9632-J-2 

Witt F A Residence Golf View Acres 618 

Woerth Rev John M Residence 1208-8th 183 

Woinowsky Emil Residence 513 11th 395-W 

Wolbert Fred J L Residence 1103 Broadway 637-W 

Wolbert Leo Farm R 1 9636-R-2 

Wolbert Russell Farm R 1 9632-R-l 

Wold Arthur Residence 203 Knapp 844-R 

Wolf Arthur Residence 3031/2 12th av W 198- J 

Wolf Henry Residence 1608 6th 660-J 

Wolfe G C Residence 1509 Main 719-W 

Wolff Anna Residence 1114 14th av E 82-J 

Wolfgram Alfred A Residence 910 6th 553-W 






Boyd Welch, Prop. I Jf* # 



52 WOL— ZUT 

Wolf gram Aug- Residence 14th 272-M 

Wolf gram Ed Residence 307 Wilson av 389-W 

Wolske Fred Farm R 5 425-R-5 

Wolske Reinold Residence 221 Stout 364- J 

Wolske Rudolph D Residence R 6 310-M 

Wood John G Farm R 2 9609-R-4 

Wood Steven Residence R 2 9609-J-3 

Woods Zelphia Residence 119 W Main 472-J 

Woodworth Linnie Residence R 6 9627-J-3 

Wooley Louis A Residence IIOII/2 4th 660-W 

Worman Darby E Residence W 5 Wakanda Court.541-J 

Wright E Mgrs Office N Broadway 293 

Wright E Residence 915 6th 70 

Wutti Alvin E Residence S-2 Stout Court 895-W 

Yaun Fred Farm R 1 9632-R-5 

Yoder Hattie Residence 505 16th av 290-R 

Young Benjamin Residence 712 15th 330-W 

Young Budd Residence 1417 Main 297-J 

Young R D Residence 1400 12th av 378- J 

Young R D Farm R 2 9640-R-4 

Young R D Farm R 2 Colfax Wis 9608-R-3 

Yount George R Jr Residence 120 3rd av W 984- J 

Yount Geo R Residence Oakwood Heights 506-W 

Zabel WRResidence 303 12th 162-J 

Zhe Herbert Farm R 1 9634-R-l 

Ziehl Adolph Residence 1315 6th 778-M 

Ziehl Mrs Emma Residence 1317 8th 349-R 

Ziehl Ervin Farm R 2 9655-R-4 

Ziehl Henry W Residence 1505 8th 486-W 

Ziehl Herman Residence 1721 8th 609-R 

Ziehl Lawrence Residence 201 10th av 274- J 

Ziehme Herman Residence 416 18th av 725-W 

Zimmerman A J Residence R 6 9627-R-3 ' 

Zittelman A D Residence 1120 11th av 664-W 

Zuehlke Emil R Farm R 2 9645-R-3 

Zuehlke Mrs Mary Residence 1008 Main 706-W 

Zutter Albert Elevators Rusk Wis 421- J-2 




Dealer in Lumber. Lath, Shingles, W n- _ 
dows,. Doors, Building Paper, Cement, Etc 

Tel. i5-R-2 


Downsville Telephone Co. Call for Downsville 

Henry Bates President 1003 9th Menomonie 220-J 

Fred Borm Secy and Manager Downsville 15-R-2 

Geo A Running Director R 3 Menomonie 6-E-3A 

Covin Lloyd R 3 Elk Mound 18-R-7 

Styer Ed R 5 Menomonie 32-R-4 


Ames Clyde R 3 Elk Mound 34-R-13 

Anderson Mrs U H R 5 Menomonie 32-R-20 


Backen A R 4 Menomonie 30-R-ll 

Ballard Geo Weston 43-R-9 

Ballard William Weston 43-R-3A 

Bates Wm R 5 Menomonie 32-R-4A 

Berg OCRS Menomonie 6-R-7 

Berger Frank R 5 Menomonie 23-R-18 

Bertelson George R 4 Menomonie 30-R-13 

Biesterveldt Theo Jr R 4 Menomonie 7-R-3 

Boe Mrs A E Store Weston 43-R-14 

Bohn Douglas Downsville 19-R-l 

Bonn Fred Lumber Office Downsville 15-R-2 

Borm Fred Residence Downsville 15-R-3 

Braker Mrs Chas R 5 Menomonie. . 23-R-23 

Branshaw Lloyd R 5 Menomonie. 21-R-14 

Brown Reynold R 5 Menomonie 21-R-18 

Burck Otto R 3 Menomonie 16-R-16 


Calhoun Hugh R 3 Menomonie 16-R-7 

Cantrell V A Residence Downsville 33-R-l 

Chamberlin G H R 4 Menomonie 7-R-16 

Chicago Milwaukee St Paul & Pacific Ry Depot 

Downsville . 8 

Christie Harry R 5 Menomonie 32-R-15 

Coleman Lee V R 3 Elk Mound 18-R-16 

Cotts Geo W R 4 Menomonie 5-R-18 

Creaser George R 4 Menomonie lO-R-4 

Creaser Robert R 4 Menomonie 28-R-7 

Creaser Mrs Skelton R 3 Menomonie 16-R-ll 

Cummings R S R 1 Elk Mound 18-R-3 

Curren Tom R 4 Menomonie 7-R-lO 

Curtiss Harry R 1 Elk Mound 18-R-4 

Cutler Roy R 4 Menomonie 23-R-4 

54 DAV— SCH 


Davy Bert R 4 Menomonie lO-R-22 

Denning Alfred Weston 21-R-9 

Doan Raymond R 3 Menomonie 34-R-lO 

Downsville Co-op Creamery Co Downsviile 29 

Downsville Cut Stone Co Downsville 22-R-l 

Downsville Garage Downsville 24-R-7 

Downsville Hotel Downsville 39-R-l 

Downsville Telephone Office 14 

Dressier Albert R 5 Menomonie 32-R-7 


Edgeberg E R 4 Menomonie 30-R-2 

Eighmy Calvin R 3 Menomonie , 34-R-9 

Eighmy Lawrence R 3 Menomonie 34-R-8 


Frank Martin R 5 Menomonie 21-R-ll 

Fregine Theodore R 5 Menomonie 32-R-13 


Glampe Harry R 4 Menomonie 23-R-lO 

Goss William R 4 Menomonie lO-R-15 

Govin Lloyd R 3 Elk Mound 18-R-7 

Grimme Wm R 3 Menomonie 6-R-15 

Groseman Frank R 4 Menomonie 10-R-lO 

Grutt Herbert R 3 Menomonie 34-R.15 


Harshman Boyd R 3 Elk Mound 34-R-23 

Harshman Lem R 3 ilenomonie 34-R-12 ' 

Harshman Vern R 3 Menomonie 34-R-2 

Hathaway Mrs Laura R 3 Elk Mound 18-R-2A 

Hazen Jess R 4 Menomonie 35-R-7 

Helgerson William R 4 Menomonie lO-R-14 

Hendrickson Carl R 3 Menomonie lO-R-2 

Hendrickson Christ R 3 Menomonie 16-R-8 

Hillman Donald R 3 Elk Mound 34-R-18 

Hillman Lionel R 3 Menomonie 34-R-14 

Howison Ray R 5 Menomonie 23-R-6 

Huey Mrs Thomas Downsville 31 

Hurlbui:t Edwin Downsville 24-R-3 


Jackson Leonard R 5 Menomonie 23-R-3 

Jenson J B Downsville 38-R-l 


Keliing CARS Menomonie 6-R-21 

Kirscher E R 2 Eau Galle 26-R-4A 

Kistner Lowis R 4 Menomonie 23-R-14 

Klatt Ernest R 3 Menomonie 6-R-16 

Knopps Lloyd Weston 43-R-lO 

Kreutzar Harold R 3 Menomonie 6-R-9 

Kunz Fred Downsville 36 

Eunz John R 4 Menomonie 5-R.7 


Kyle Geo Downsville 40-R-l 

Kyle H L Store Downsville 13-R-2 

Kyle H L Residence Downsville 13-R-3 


Lamm P R 5 Menomonie 32-R-2 

Larrabee Earl R 3 Menomonie 34-R-4 

Larson Lee H R 3 Menomonie 6-R-13 

Lawrence H J R 3 Menomonie 34-R-3 

Leach Howard R 4 Menomonie lO-R-7 

Lehman Edwin R 5 Menomonie 23-R-12 

Lehman Oscar R 5 Menomonie 23-R-7. 

Lemon "Will Weston 43-E-16 

Losteter Harold Eau Galle 21-R-2 


Manor Leo R 2 Ean Galle 26-R-7 

Manske Wm R 4 Menomonie 7-E-4 

Markey Ed Eau Galle 26-R-3 

Marsh Bert R 3 Elk Mound. 18-R-9 

Marson Frank R 5 Menomonie 32-R-17 

Martinson Axel Downsville 17 

Masses Clarence R 3 Menomonie 16-R-5 

McClellon Floyd R 3 Menomonie 6-R-20 

Mclvor M R 4 Menomonie 5-E-ll 

Mclvor Noble R 3 Menomonie 6-R-8 

Murray John R 4 Menomonie 35-R-4 


Noles Clarence R 5 Menomonie 32-R-3 

Noles Edward R 5 Menomonie 21-R-3 


O'Bryan Dick R 2 Eau Galle 26-R-19 

Olson Harry R 4 Menomonie 5-R-3 

Olson Walter R 3 Menomonie 6-R-3 


Parish Garvin R 3 Menomonie 34-R-5 

Peterson Oscar R 4 Menomonie 30-R-7 

Phillips Chas Downsville ll-R-3 

Phillips Chas Feed Mill Downsville ll-R-2 

Pickering Mrs Hiram R 2 Eau Galle 26-R-8 

Polyard Geo R 4 Menomonie 30-R-18 

Powers Sherman R 3 Menomonie 16-R-13 


Quilling Keith R 3 Elk Mound 18-R-lO 

Quilling Robert R 4 Menomonie 7-R-8 


Rank Bert R 3 Menomonie lO-R-20 

Rosenthal Fred R 3 Menomonie 16-R-18 

Rosenthal Wm & Son R 3 Menomonie 16-R-4 

Running Ole R 3 Menomonie 6-R-3A 

Ryder Jess R 3 Menomonie 7-R-14 


Saxton Bert R 3 Menomonie 34-E-20 

Schultz Paul Weston 43-R-7 

56 SCH— ZIE 

Schwartz Herman R 5 MenomonJe 21-R-4 

Schwartz Joe R 5 Menomonie 21-E-4A 

Scott P S R 5 Menomonie 21-R-13 

Smith Clarence R 3 Menomonie 34-R-22 

Smith Clark R 4 Menomonie 28-R-16 

Smith Myron R 4 Menomonie 28-R-lO 

Solie Louie R 3 Menomonie 6-R-2 

Spaeth Jake R 4 Menomonie lO-R-3 

Steinmeyer Ole R 5 Menomonie 21-R-7 

Stevens Grant R 4 Menomonie 28-R-14 

Steves Vincent R 3 Menomonie 16-R-3 

Stockman Elmer R 4 Menomonie 23-R-17 

Stratton Clarence R 5 Menomonie 32-R-9 

Styer Ben R 5 Menomonie 26-R-14 

Styer Clarence R 5 Menomonie 32-R-ll 

Styer Ed R 5 Menomonie 32-R-4 

Styer J A R 4 Menomonie 7-R-2A 


Thibado Chas R 4 Menomonie 12 

Thibado Don R Menomonie 10-R-2A 

Thibado Neil Downsville 37 

Thibado Neil Store Downsville 20-R-l 

Thibado Wayne R 4 Menomonie , . . 30-R-3 

Thompson Henry R 4 Menomonie 35-R-16 

Trainor Mrs Letty R 2 Ban Galle 26-R-4 

Turner Merton R 4 Menomonie 28-R-13 


Van Nostrand Fred Tavern Weston 43-R-2 

Varney Mrs Cassius R 4 Menomonie 35-R-lO 

Vasey Clarence R 3 Menomonie 16-R-2 

Vasey Julius R 1 Elk Mound 18-R-2 


Walker Elwood R 4 Menomonie 30-R-16 

Walters Martin R 5 Menomonie 21-R-2A 

Washburn Mrs Elsworth R 2 Eau Galle 26-R-9 

Watland Elmer Farm R 4 Menomonie 7-R-9 

Watland Wm R 4 Menomonie lO-R-9 

Weber Chas R 5. 43-R-4 

Weber Clarence R 5 43-R-3 

Weber John R 5 Menomonie 21-R-lO 

Weise John R 3 Menomonie 16-R-16 

Weisinger John R 4 Menomonie 5-R-9 

Werner Arthur Weston 43-R-8 

Werner Douglas Weston 43-R-18 

Werner Ed. R 5 Menomonie 21-R-19 

Werner Joe Weston 43-R-5 

Whinnery Everet R 4 Menomonie 35-R-3 


Zeilinger Carl R 2 Eau Gallb. _ 26-R-5 

Zeilinger Leo R 5 Menomonie 32-R-2A 

Zeilinger Will R 2 Ban Galle 26-R-2 

Ziehl Frank R 3 Menomonie 7-R-20 

^ r 





We want your telephone serv- 
ice to be good and quick and 
inexpensive. But there's more to 
it than that. We want it to be 
courteous, too. 

No matter what the occasion, 
there's always time for a cheery 
"please" and a pleasant word of 
thanks. It is one of the fine tra- 
ditions of the telephone business. 



A Favorite Since 1867 



Brown & Tetzloff, Distributors 814 I4th Ave. 

PHONE 137-W 





Service & Quality 
709 Main St. Menomonie, Wis. 

PHONE 712-W 


We will pick*up your dead and disabled Horses and Cows 
with good hides on 

Call Us — We Pay Phone Calls 






143 6th Avenue Tel. 819